Better Furnace | Stronger Fuel & Better Odds & Instant Smelt (Booster) 1.2

Stronger fuel and better output on furnaces

  1. Version 1.1 | New Fuels & Instant Smelting

    • Ability to enable instant smelting on particular Items
    • Added placeholder for NetherStarFuel (Not yet enabled)

    New Config
    Just Add

    NetherStarBT: 20000

    # Disable/Enable the message on placing a furnace
    FurnacePlaceMessage: true

    # true = Enabled (Pick a smelting speed)
    # Takes effect after one normal smelt, then it speeds up to set speed.
    # Tested : 90-200 : Use 190 for instant.

    FastStoneToggle: false
    FastStone: 100

    FastSandToggle: false
    FastSand: 100

    FastClayToggle: false
    FastClayBrick: 100

    FastIronToggle: false
    FastIron: 100

    FastBeefToggle: false
    FastBeef: 100

    # Language
    ReloadSuccess: "[BF] Reload Success!"
    MissingPerm: "[BF] You are not permitted to do that!"
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