Better Furnace | Stronger Fuel & Better Odds & Instant Smelt (Booster) 1.2

Stronger fuel and better output on furnaces

  1. Minor Changes

    Made some parts more efficient, no config change required.
  2. Quick Fix

    Did some more work on the netherstar fuel, comes out next update.
  3. Uploaded the new File, version 1.1

    Uploaded the new File, version 1.1

    Please read the update log below.

    1.7 Support may need tweaking, I have it using some events which may of been deprecated.
  4. Version 1.1 | New Fuels & Instant Smelting

    • Ability to enable instant smelting on particular Items
    • Added placeholder for NetherStarFuel (Not yet enabled)

    New Config
    Just Add

    NetherStarBT: 20000

    # Disable/Enable the message on placing a furnace
    FurnacePlaceMessage: true

    # true = Enabled (Pick a smelting speed)
    # Takes effect after one normal smelt, then it speeds up to set speed.
    # Tested : 90-200 : Use 190 for instant.

    FastStoneToggle: false
    FastStone: 100

    FastSandToggle: false
    FastSand: 100...
  5. New Fuels | New Messages

    • Fence Fuel
    • BookShelf Fuel
    • Chest Fuel
    • TrapDoor Fuel
    • Stick Fuel
    • Messages on Place

    New Config:
    Just add >

    FurnacePlaceMessage: false

    FenceBT: 150
    BookShelfBT: 300
    ChestBT: 250
    TrapDoorBT: 150
    StickBT: 100