Better Horses for 1.8

View horse stats, enjoy improved horse breeding, and more!

  1. Soiyeruda
    This simple plugin for 1.8.1 has various features, but mainly focuses on changing the built-in horse breeding formula where it is impossible to breed horses with perfect stats or even breed horses to improve stats in general. By changing the formula to emphasize parental influence and improvements as opposed to tending towards the average, the plugin seeks to improve the overall experience of breeding horses within Minecraft.

    Summary of Features
    • Improved horse breeding formula, makes it easier to raise stronger horses over many generations.
    • Simple customization configurations to adjust the breeding formula and maximum statistics to your needs.
    • View a horse's stats by hitting it with a lead.
    • Reanimate your horses as undead and skeleton versions! You have a 10% chance of this event occurring when you kill a tamed adult horse during a full moon. (Note: these horse variants cannot breed)

    Configuration Options
    Found in the BetterHorsesPlugin folder as Config.yml. Will be created with default values if it's the first time running the plugin on a server.

    Horse Breeding Formula (for reference): Foal's Stats = (X*PI + (1-X)*P2) + Y
    P1, P2: The stats of the parents of the new foal
    X: A random value between 0 and 1. Determines whether foal takes after one of its parents more, or averages both of them out.
    Y: A random value between MinBonus and MaxBonus. Used to determine stats that the horse gains/loses in addition to its parent influenced stats. This formula is done separately for jump height, speed, and health.
    • MinBonus: the lower percentage value of the Y in the formula in decimal form. Generally negative. (Default: -0.05)
    • MaxBonus: the higher percentage value of the Y in the formula in decimal form. Generally positive. (Default: 0.10)
    • MaxHealth: maximum health possible from a horse bred in captivity. (Default: 30)
    • MaxSpeed: maximum speed possible from horses bred in captivity using internal units. Multiply by 43 to get approximate blocks/second (eg. .225 * 43 is about 9.7 blocks/second). (Default: .3375)
    • RareChanceStat: An integer that gives a 1/n chance of creating a horse with exceptional stats. Set to 0 or a negative number to disable. (Default: n = 200)
    • moonSpawn: Determines whether the full moon reanimation event is able to occur. True or False. (Default: true)
    For more variation in stats of a foal, increase the range between MinBonus and MaxBonus. If you want to make it harder to raise stronger horses, make MinBonus a large negative value compared to MaxBonus. Making Min and MaxBonus both positive means a horse's stats can only improve!

    Hope you enjoy this plugin. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or want to point out any bugs or issues that have not been listed, please leave a comment, PM me, or email at [email protected]

Recent Reviews

  1. avtario
    Version: for 1.8
    great job, definitely adds something special to RPG servers, I would like it if you can make it so if you kill a zombie horse there is a configurable chance to spawn a skeleton horse