Better Hub 1.0.2

Better Hub, have chat ranks, and hub related items are not in this skript yet in v2 there will be.

  1. JDuhb
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    - /Staff <Player>
    -/Owner <Player>
    -/Admin <Player>
    -/Mod <Player>
    -/Helper <Player>
    -/Builder <Player>
    -/Default <Player>
    -/Donor1 <Player>
    -/Donor2 <Player>
    -/Donor3 <Player>
    -/Donor4 <Player>

    -/Demote(Rank) <Player>

    - Prefix before name.
    - Chat Tag.
    - Donor Places.
    - Color Code Support.
    - Customizable.
    - 6 Donor Ranks.
    - More Ranks (Current #: 6 Donors)
    - More Customizable.
    - More Functionality
    - Cr.demote.(RANK)
    - Example: Cr.demote.Owner
    - Cr.promote.(RANK)
    - Example: Cr.promote.Owner
    Do not re-distribute and/or claim this your skript.
    If it says errors dont worry about it, the plugin still fully works.


    1. chatranks.png
    2. commands.png
    3. features.png
    4. adding.png
    5. todo.png
    6. permissions.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Skiller_Dog
    Version: 1.0.2
    I'm so sad to give this 1 star! Because it is not working on my server it gives 163 errors i hope you can help me
    1. JDuhb
      Author's Response
      First of all, in the video is shows you need SQLibrary, Skript, skRayFall, SkQuery. And the errors don't screw anything up its just skript being stupid it still works perfectly fine. But if you want no errors, I suggest a different skript/plugin.
  2. Jordansonatina
    Version: 1.0.2
    This is a very wonderful excellent plugin. It's amazing it's so simple! I highly recommend people to use this skript! :)
    1. JDuhb
      Author's Response
      Thanks, Nice to know your liking it!