Better Mechanics [Skript] v1.1.2

Awesome game mechanics

  1. shadowcoco141
    Better Mechanics is a plugin that adds some new and unique mechanics to your survival world.

    • Some parts are customizable using the configuration.
    • Pigs now have a chance of dropping leather on death.
    • You can force a sheep to regrow its wool by right clicking it with the configured item.
    • Villagers talk when you trade with them.
    • Zombies now poison players they hit.
    • Bookshelves, glass and enderchests drop themselves when broken.
    • Villagers drop emeralds on death.
    • More coming soon...

    Commands and Permissions:

    /bettermechanics reload - Reloads the plugin | bm.reload

    /bettermechanics version - Shows you the version of BM you are using.

    Code (Text):

      pig leather: 50  # Chance of a pig dropping leather
      villager message: &6Do you want to trade with me?  # This is what villagers say when you right click them
      Zombie Poison Strength: 1  # The strength of the zombies' poison effect. Set to 0 to disable zombie poison.
      Wool Grow Item: seeds  # The item used to regrow a sheeps wool.

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    Terms of use:

    - You may not repost this plugin on other websites.

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