Better Slime Chunks 1.1.3

Allowing owners to hide the seed, but show players where slime chunks are.

  1. Working maps

    Using the edits in the 1.14 API, I have made maps work smoother.
    Now doing the /slimemap command toggles whether the map in your hand is a slime map or not (used to change all player viewed maps).

    Now you can finally have slime maps in your servers without relying on the jank from 1.8!
  2. Action bar messaging.

    This update only works in 1.13+ due to how the action-bar messaging works.
    Added action bar messaging for the slime ball action.
    Fixed message being fired twice.
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  3. Proper Naming Conventions + Bug Fix!

    The bug has been fixed that occured with the /slimechunk command. It was something small that had a large effect. Thanks again for the info to fix the bug!
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  4. Fixed Mapping Negative Issue

    In version 1.0 there was an error where maps would be skewed when in negative coordinates. This has been fixed.

    Credit to Tech_Bot_7 for finding the bug!
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