Better Snowier Snow 1.0

Make snow act more realistically! Inspired by the Snowier Snow plugin by hobblyhobo

  1. JimiIT92
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    • 1.16
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    Have you ever felt like snow in Minecraft isn't quite right? Well, fear no more my friend because with this plugin you can make it act more realistically!

    Introducing: Better Snowier Snow!

    This plugin is inspired by the Snowier Snow plugin by hobblyhobo. If you have a moment go check his plugin as well!

    How it works

    Better Snowier Snow provides a simple configuration tool that allows you to change the behaviour of Snow Blocks and Snow Layers, to make them act more realistically.
    For instance, you can give them gravity, so they will fall when the block below is broken, or you can make them stack up when it's snowing!

    ⚙ Configuring

    The configuration file allows you to configure different aspects of the plugin

    snowPoseMaxLayers: The maximum number of snow layers that will be posed when snowing

    snowPoseBlocks: On how many blocks snow layers can be posed every tick while snowing

    snowPoseWorlds: List of worlds where the plugin has effect

    snowPoseIgnoredChunks: List of chunk rectangular regions where the plugin won't have effect.
    The string syntax is the following: <start chunk x>,<start chunk y>,<end chunk x>,<end chunk y>,<prevent also vanilla layer from posing>. To add just one chunk to the list just set both start chunk and end chunk coordinates to the same

    slownessOnSnow: If true, players will get the slowness effect while walking on snow blocks or layers

    slownessMinLayers: The minimum amount of layers to apply the slowness effect to players when they walk on it

    slownessStrength: The slowness level the player will get

    slownessSneakingPrevent: If true, players won't get the slowness effect (if active) when they are sneaking

    metrics: Enable bStats metrics. This does not collect any personal/sensitive information.


    Better Snowier Snow does not require any additional plugin or mod to run, other than Spigot itself.

    ✔ Compatibility

    Better Snowier Snow has been built on top of Spigot API-version 1.13 and has been tested on Minecraft 1.16.4.

    Unless some major changes happens on either Spigot API or Minecraft itself, the plugin should work on newest versions as well.

    If you find any bug related to a new version of one of these, please report them to the Issue Tracker.

    A Sponge port is also in development.

    How to contribute

    You can contribute by forking this project and making Pull Requests. Just make sure that the additions are in line with the plugin philosophy, which is to bring an almost vanilla experience to players.


    All credits goes to hobblyhobo for creating the Snowier Snow plugin.
    This plugin is amazing, however I felt like some features were missing. Also, some might not like how the snow poses in his plugin,
    so that's why this uses a different approach (that leads to smoother snow formations).

    In conclusion

    I hope you like Better Snowier Snow and make it grow! Peace!