Better Spawn Join 1.7

Custom Staff / Vip / Default spawn locations. Permission based spawn locations

  1. Cobwebster
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Support Discord HERE

    Better Spawn Join is a plugin which allows for permission based spawn locations, you can have your Staff, VIPs and Defaults spawn in different areas. Perfect for lobby servers where you want to force users to spawn at the same location every time.

    This is a great tool for lobby servers. (I plan to add support for first join only so it can be used outside of lobby servers)

    If you have any suggestions let me know, I'm looking to adding a load of features to this plugin.
    • Roulette mode - randomly spawn at 3 set locations. (Cool if your map naturally has more than 1 spawnpoint you want to show off) Make sure all 3 spawns are set
    • Permission mode - grant your staff, donors and defaults 3 separate spawn locations based off perms
    • Inventory clear - Lets you clear the inventories of players (built for lobbies)
    • Forces players to spawn in the same locations, even after disconnects.
    • Fireworks - Set off fireworks when new players join
    • Sounds - Set off sound effects when players join
    • Commands - Easy to use command structure for setting & teleporting to spawn locations.
    • FlyMode - Players with the permission spawnjoin.flymode will spawn in with flight enabled.
    • MORE coming soon

    If using 1.8 spigot make sure you use a 1.8 sound if you have the sound enabled, it'll throw an error if you're using a unsupported sound for your version.
    Servers Using
    Contact me to have your server IP listed here.

    Commands (Requires spawnjoin.admin)

    - Shows the version and general usage

    /SpawnJoin TP
    - Lets you teleport directly to a spawn
    - Usage: /SpawnJoin tp staff

    /SpawnJoin Set
    - Lets you set the spawn location
    - Usage: /SpawnJoin set staff
    - Usage: /SpawnJoin set default

    description: spawnjoin admin setup
    default: op
    description: vip spawn access
    default: op

    description: staff spawn access
    default: op

    description: set spawns access
    default: op

    description: allow flight
    default: op

    Config Explained
    Code (YAML):

    # Better SpawnJoin by Cobwebster
    # Consider dropping a review on spigot.
    # I plan on adding more config upon requests
    # Do Not Touch Version Number
    : 3
    : "BLOCK_NOTE_HARP" # What sound should play
    : 10 # How loud should the sound be
    : 1 # What the pitch should be
    : true # Disable/Enable
    : true# Should fireworks spawn on first join?
    : false # Should inventories reset on join?
    : false # Should inventories reset on quit?
    : false # Enable random spawning, requires all 3 spawns to be set.
    : false # Should players with perms spawn with flight enabled?
    - I plan to add a config feature which only teleports players when they first join the server.

    Reviews are not the place to receive support, if you find a issue please report it to me first HERE , I will not respond faster if you put errors in reviews.

Recent Reviews

  1. ItsXeno
    Version: 1.7
    Another amazing plugin, Cobwebster is one of the best developers on here. Great for when players join our main hub.
  2. DaDMaR777
    Version: 1.7
    Ok Version 1.7 on Mc1.12.2 working great thanks !
    Works even better when I don't leave version 1.6 on the server.. lol.
    "My Bad" had one version of plugin named 1.6 "SpawnJoin" other called 1.7 "BetterSpawnJoin" both sharing the same
    Causing lag - again my bad - Great plugin - If I use it correctly
  3. JDogg
    Version: 1.0
    One of the best spawn plugins on Spigot. The developer is great I messaged him a suggestion and he implemented it very quickly. 10/10 Would download again
    1. Cobwebster
      Author's Response
      Appreciate the review, let me know if you have anymore suggestions.