Better Spawn Join 1.7

Custom Staff / Vip / Default spawn locations. Permission based spawn locations

  1. ItsXeno
    Version: 1.7
    Another amazing plugin, Cobwebster is one of the best developers on here. Great for when players join our main hub.
  2. DaDMaR777
    Version: 1.7
    Ok Version 1.7 on Mc1.12.2 working great thanks !
    Works even better when I don't leave version 1.6 on the server.. lol.
    "My Bad" had one version of plugin named 1.6 "SpawnJoin" other called 1.7 "BetterSpawnJoin" both sharing the same
    Causing lag - again my bad - Great plugin - If I use it correctly
  3. JDogg
    Version: 1.0
    One of the best spawn plugins on Spigot. The developer is great I messaged him a suggestion and he implemented it very quickly. 10/10 Would download again
    1. Cobwebster
      Author's Response
      Appreciate the review, let me know if you have anymore suggestions.