Better Spawn Join 1.7

Custom Staff / Vip / Default spawn locations. Permission based spawn locations

  1. Pushed a more up to date spigotAPI

    Title says it all, I will be pushing out active updates for this plugin again.
  2. Updated

    Did some minor updates, if you have any feature requests please let me know. Consider dropping a review if you're enjoying this plugin.

    Had to rebuild this project since I accidentally removed :)
  3. Built against 1.12.2 Spigot

    Read title, if you have any requests let me know. Currently looking for features to add.
  4. Changed some default values

    FireWorks will now be enabled by default when you first generate a config file.

    (I plan on making the firework effects more interesting)
  5. Minor Changes + Prep.

    Minor changes within the code, no real notable changes beyond minor performance improvements.

    Started working on the function which will turn the plugin into a first join spawn location only, aka it wont force teleport on every login meaning it can be used outside of lobby servers if you choose to enable this via config.

    Just working out if I want those 2 modes to co-exist with permission checks or not.

    Appreciate the recent reviews. If you have suggestions let me know, looking for things...
  6. FlyMode configuration

    perms-fly-mode: false

    If set to true, players with the permission spawnjoin.flymode will spawn in with flymode enabled.

    (Good for donor perks or if you just want particular people to be able to fly around your lobbies)
  7. Roulette Mode

    Roulette Mode AKA - roulette-spawn: false

    If set to true, it'll disable the normal plugin function and replace it with a random spawn system, basically it'll randomly pick from VIP - Staff & Default, if you use this mode make sure all 3 spawns have a location saved.

    First update for this, I'll prob add more to it like permissions.. etc...

    Requested by @JDogg
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