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Create teams to fight to be the best

  1. booksaw123

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Recent Reviews

  1. MrsSaber
    Version: 3.1.4
    Brilliant plugin that works perfectly for what I need developed by a brilliant person. Very easy to communicate with if you have an issue or don't understand something. Would recommended 100%
  2. bruh1245
    Version: 3.1.1
    Its Pretty Good But One Problem When I Go To The Config File And Try And Change Something It Doesnt Work Its just default even warps
    1. booksaw123
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for the review. Like most developers, I do not see reviews as a way of getting plugin support. If you want the issue to be fixed, could you make a bug report at this link: And I will try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.
  3. iavengetheweak
    Version: 3.0.7a
    Great simple plugin, great job on responding to feature requests and bugs found by the community! Thank you so much for keeping the plugin updated!
  4. Alurankis
    Version: 3.0.6
    Great plugin and updates, fast bug fixes, fast answers to questions. Cheers for keeping it up!
  5. ZakkyPlays
    Version: 2.10
    Good Plugin but what are the permissions for all the commands because i need this for my server really bad!
  6. Bunny_
    Version: 2.7
    HI!!!! Another update and another pleasant surprise.. any mistake, you work very well.
    and I have some ideas, I hope you find interesting. Permission admin "/ team list" to see a list of groups. "/team delete [team]" for inactive groups. And I dont know ,a configuration to change the messages personally? I LOVE YOU PLUGIN
    1. booksaw123
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the support, I will message you on the suggestions because I am slightly unclear on some of them :)
  7. chief_j
    Version: 2.6
    Perfectly written plugin to the server. Thank you
    1. booksaw123
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, but I would not go so far to say it is perfectly written :)
  8. Bunny_
    Version: 2.3
    works perfect, easy, config friendly. And I have a suggestion.. could add one more command? the command would be this / team changename
    so you do not need to get away to rename the team
    1. booksaw123
      Author's Response
      thank you for the suggestion and rating, if you have any other ideas please tell me
  9. Mick_Jagga
    Version: 2.2
    Real happy with this team plugin and the creator for listening to my idea and going with it for the prefix changes
    1. booksaw123
      Author's Response
      Thanks, if you have ideas for any other plugins, just tell me and I will consider them :)