Better Teams 3.1.9

Create teams to fight to be the best

  1. 3.1.9

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed problem where players could open claimed chests under some circumstances
    - Removed unneeded debug output
  2. 3.1.8

    Bug fix:
    • Fixed console error spam about "class cast exception"
  3. 3.1.7 Chest Claiming

    • Added chest claiming
    Added commands:
    • /team chest claim - Used to claim a given chest (betterteams.chest.claim)
    • /team chest remove - Used to remove a claim from a chest (betterteams.chest.remove)
    • /team chest removeall - Used to remove all chest claims from that team (betterteams.chest.removeall)
    Added admin commands:
    • /teama chest claim <team> - Used to claim a chest for the given team (betterteams.admin.chest.claim)
    • /teama...
  4. 3.1.6

    Bug Fixes:
    Fixed bug with chat colors not being correctly recognised
  5. 3.1.5

    • /teama disband to force a team to be disbanded (Note: there is no confirmation for this command)
    • /teama color to force a team to change their team color
  6. 3.1.4

    • /team warp and /team delwarp now have tabcomplete for warp names
    • Formatting characters can be used around the teamname placeholder

    Bug Fixes:
    • Players with team chatspy enabled no longer receive ally messages twice
  7. 3.1.3

  8. 3.1.2

    • Added integration with zKoth
    • Added /team purge to reset team score

    • Improved BelowNameChangeEvent backend
    • Tab-complete for /team color is now lower case
    • Commands which require a team name are no longer case sensitive
    • Use %betterteams_teamscore_{rank} to get the team name of the team with that rank

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug with formatted strings missing %s...
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  9. 3.1.1

    Added team warps with the commands
    • /team warp <name> [password] - warp to the specified warp
    • /team warps - view a list of your teams warps
    • /team setwarp <name> [password] - Creates a new warp for your team
    • /team delwarp <name> [password] - Deletes a warp (owners do not need to know the password to do this

    Added the following admin commands:
    • /teama warp <team> <warp> - Used to teleport to a teams warp, leave the warp blank to get a list of...
  10. 3.1.0

    • Added the option for allies, this comes with the commands (/team ally, /team neutral and /team allychat)
    • Added /team list to view a list of all teams, in order of size.
    • /team color is used whenever the player's team name is displayed, this can be changed in the config under the option colorTeamName'
    • Added a second hologram option to display a team balance leaderboard
    • Added a config option for a teleport delay on /team home
    • There is now a config option to...