Better Welcome Message 1.0

Advanced welcome messages for new players

  1. JamesULIE
    Better Welcome Message is a plugin that gives new players a series of timed messages to properly welcome them to the server and to give them a brief explanation of what the server is about.



    - Delayed series of welcome messages
    - Infinite number of messages which can be added from the config

    Everything about this plugin can be changed via the config such as the delay between messages, message prefix and a message list where you can add as many new ones as you like.
    Code (Text):
    # Better Welcome Message Settings

    # The delay between messages in seconds.
    message_delay: 3

    # Prefix that will show before the messages
    prefix: "&7[Welcome]"

    # List of messages to be shown to the player, you can edit/add as many new messages as you like.
    # To add color to a message use the & sign along with the color code, for example "&4" would be the color red.
      - "&eWelcome to my awesome server!"
      - "&bI hope you enjoy it here.."
      - "&cBe sure to come back everyday"

    I have tested the plugin on both 1.7.x and 1.8.x

    If you like the plugin please leave a review and/or any suggestions you may have, thank you.