BetterAbout v1.8

A better, formatted information about your plugins

  1. AdvancedWarfare
    This plugin is very simple and lightweight. It has minimal coding and is perfect for servers that want messages to look neat. This plugins offers that. This plugins is kind of like /about but better and formatted.

    Minimal Coding
    Neat Coding
    Well Done Messages (during coding)
    Custom Messages (in-game)

    There is only one command for this plugin.

    /ba <plugin>

    Permission for the one plugin


    Pretty basic config. Not very hard to configure

    - '&c&l&m-------------&8&l< &b{plugin} &8&l>&c&l&m-------------'
    - '&c&lDescription: &a{description}'
    - '&c&lVersion: &a{ver}'
    - '&c&lAuthor: &a{author}'
    - '&c&lWebsite: &a{website}'
    - '&c&l&m---------------------------------------'

    Tab Completer for /ba [TAB]

    Here are some screenshots of the plugin

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