BetterAFK 1.3

Let people give a reason, why they're afk!

  1. Andre_601
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    About the plugin:
    BetterAFK is a plugin, with that people can give a reason, why they're afk!

    Just type /afk [Your reason] and it will be shown in the Chat!

    Other functions:
    • Enable/Disable move while you're AFK
    • Set a global AFK-Position.
      If a player go afk, he will be teleportet there!
      After he is no longer afk, he will be teleportet back to the place, where he typed /afk
    • Translate the messages like you want (Even the command-description!)
      You can find everything in the text.yml
    • Remove the player from afk, if he destroys, left- or right-click something, while he is afk.
    • Remove the player from afk, if he writes something in Chat. (Can be disabled. Please read the notes at the bottom about BungeeCord-Servers)
    Commands and Permissions:
    • /afk [Reason]
      description: Sets/removes you (from) afk
      permission: None
    • /bafk
      description: Shows all subcommands
      permission: betterafk.admin
    • /beafk setpos
      description: Sets the global AFK-Point
      permission: betterafk.admin
    • /bafk reload
      description: Reloads the files
      permission: betterafk.admin
    Code (YAML):
      # I recommend to let this set to false, if you set a global AFK-Point
    : false
        # This option will not work on BungeeCoord-Servers, that have a global Chat
    : true
        # This only Works, if "DisableMoveOnAFK" is set to false!
    : true

    Please read the following infos:
    • The Chat-function will not work on Servers, that are connected to a BungeeCord, that uses a global Chat!
      If that is the case, i highly recomend to set onChat to false!
    • I also highly recommend, to set DisableMoveOnAFK to false, if you use a global AFK-Point.
      Because of the player-collision, it would be annoyng, if many players are on the same place...
    • If you have a plugin, that have a autoafk-function (EssentialsX for example) you need to disable it.
      BetterAFK can't disable it.