BetterBeds 0.6.1

Sleep away the night with many players more easily.

  1. Phoenix616
    [​IMG] Made in Germany with love (and beer)
    BetterBeds is a plugin with which you can sleep away the night more easy! It is heavily inspired by the Morpheus sleep mod known through FTB and CrackPack.

    Updated 1.0 Dev Builds for 1.13+ are available here:

    v0.6.0 Update-Notice: Please take a look at the changed config format!

    It has the ability to ignore online staff members from the sleeping mechanic! (E.g. while they are afk or vanished)

    When a player sleeps in a bed at night it calculates how many players are sleeping in a world and compares it with a ratio you can configure. It also has the ability to only start taking effect if more than a configured number of players are in the world.

    If you want you can also configure a speed at which the night should get smoothly skipped! It will speed up the cycle with a nice animation of the sky!

    Also there is a functionality for "ghost" players who block the skipping of the night if they are not sleeping.

    You can also set notification messages on how many players are already sleeping, how many it needs. Also you can greet the players when they wake up!


    Programming is time intensive and I would really appreciate your support!
    So if you can afford it or make commercially use of this plugin feel free to buy me a beer.
    Find all possible ways to support me on my tip page.


    • betterbeds.sleep - Gives user ability to get noticed by the plugin.
      (Default: true)
    • betterbeds.ignore - Users with this permission don't get calculated when they are online and don't stop the skipping of night.
      (Default: op)
    • betterbeds.ghost - Makes the user a ghost who stops sleeping away the night.
      (Default: false)
    • betterbeds.cmd.reload - Gives permission to the /betterbedsreload command which reloads the config from the file
      (Default: op)
    Code (YAML):
    # the number of players which have to sleep independently from the percentage
    # if this is above the playercount in a world all players in the world have to sleep
    : 2
    # the ration of players which have to sleep
    # set it to 1 or 100% to use the plugin and normal sleeping behavior but with the benefit of ignored
    : 0.5
    # Speed of time for a smoother transition to the morning. Set to 0 to disable this feature.
    : 300
    # use {player} for the sleeping players name
    # use {sleeping} for the count of the sleeping players
    # use {online} for the online playercount
    # use {percentage} for the percentage of sleeping players
    # use {more} to get the count of how many more players have to sleep to skip the night
    # The Type defines who should get the message.
    # Possibly values:
    #   NOONE - Don't display the message to anyone
    #   SLEEPING - Only players who lie in a bed
    #   WORLD - Every player who is in the same world
    #   SERVER - Every player on the server
    : "You may not rest now, there are ghosts nearby"
    : "{player} is now sleeping. {sleeping}/{online} ({percentage}%)"
    : "SLEEPING"
    : "{player} is no longer sleeping. {sleeping}/{online} ({percentage}%) {more} more required!"
    : "SLEEPING"
    : "Wakey wakey, rise and shine... Good morning everyone!"
    : "WORLD"
    : "{sleeping} players have gone to bed. Skipping the night!"
    : "SLEEPING"
    : "{player} has gone to bed. Skipping the night!"
    : "SLEEPING"


    Dev Builds
    • Fix recalculating on player quit.
    • Fully implementing ghosts
    • Fix waking animation
    • Add config for who is getting which messages
    • Add ability to show how many players have to sleep til dawn
      All implemented!
    • Rewrite for 1.0 release. See development builds.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Bigchoppas
    Version: 0.6.1
    Great plugin, works great. Some quirkiness to how OP is affected, but Author has great response time to help resolve issues.
  2. ChillerKraft
    Version: 0.6.1
    great plugin!
    i used it to make it so only 2 people need to sleep in order to pass the day
    but i switched to using essentials.sleepignored perm to reduce plugins on my server
  3. pixiedruid
    Version: 0.6.1
    Seconding _Skizzy's complaint about text colors -- the color of normal text can be changed, but player names remain red, even though I have set them to display as green.

    Apart from that, great and useful plugin!
  4. _Skizzy
    Version: 0.6.1
    This is a really good plugin, except for two features.

    I cannot change every color, like the players name is red constantly. It does not go with my theme.

    The ghosts feature should be toggleable. I want my staff to be able to participate in this, but I have the * perm and there is no way for me to prevent this.

    Please fix the following so I can give a better rating.

    Other than the things above, good plugin. Does what it's designed to do.
    1. Phoenix616
      Author's Response
      For the colors: You should be able to configure all messages including colors in the config. If that doesn't behave like expected feel free to post it in the discussion thread.

      For the ghost feature: It is generally a bad idea to use the * permission node as it will result in issues with multiple plugins that rely on a player to not have a certain node to function normally.

      But it should work with the latest dev build (it has an additional permission to stop that):
  5. RobinTrevize
    Version: 0.6.1
    Excellent plugin that does exactly what it's supposed to!
    It's worth noting that it also works across Multiverse too, so players sleeping in one world to skip the night will not affect players in another world! Intentional or not, it's a brilliant feature! ;)
  6. Just_Gerald
    Version: 0.6.1
    Excellent add on. does as advertised and the Animation is very nice that i can change how long night is. Only issue is the names of sleeping people gets messed up (no big deal) and i can't figure out how to stop OP from being ignored.
    1. Phoenix616
      Author's Response
      Ops automatically have the betterbeds.ignore permission. You have to negate that in your permission plugin if you want them to not have that permission.

      Also can you please post a screen/more explanation of how the playernames get messed up in the discussion thread so I can fix that? :)
  7. fipil
    Version: 0.6.1
    Very good. Now, after update it works perfectly even without any permission plugin. Great support from author. Thanks!
  8. Antowoine
    Version: 0.6.0
    Very good plugin ! You change lot of settings and it's very easy. Very nice !
  9. LatePacket
    Version: 0.4.1
    Its A really good plugin but sleeping is way to fast almost instant Please make it take the usual time Thank You!
    1. Phoenix616
      Author's Response
      The sleeping time will be more like the usual time in the next update.