BetterBooks 1.5.3

Create fancy written book in an easier way with placeholder and more.

  1. 1.5.3

    Fix a bug with changepage that make the plugin can't work.
    Fix a bug that may conflict with other plugins using fanciful lib such as NametagEdit.

    Basically, I have modified the fanciful lib and add changepage feature to it but it won't be there in original lib. That's why when you use another plugin with fanciful lib, it can't work because that plugin uses the original lib and don't have the thing I added.
  2. 1.5.2

    Now support 1.9.4 and 1.10
    Sorry for not updating in a long time. I had a final exam in the first week of this month. So I had to study for it. And that's why I can't do any work.
  3. 1.5.1

    Fix a bug that can't use a separated < and > in the book text - @Menfie
  4. 1.5

    • Add /bb convert <id> to convert the book in your hand to plugin's book. Currently it can only convert normal book (without hover/click) and not guarantee working correctly.
    • Fix the bug for @Maxipan
  5. 1.4.4

    Fix a NullPointerException bug when you use a named book which is not a book of this plugin.
  6. 1.4.3

  7. 1.4.2

    Fix a bug that all players can use all command.
  8. 1.4.1

    Fix a bug which will throw an error in console if you use command to get an undefined book.
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  9. 1.4

    Add click type "changepage" to go to the page you want.
    Code (Text):
    <click type="changepage" value="2"> Go to page 2</click>
  10. 1.3 - 1.9 compatibility

    You can now use the plugin in 1.9