BetterBoxes | A neat way to add kit's in a usable crate! Fully customizable 1.0A

Create unique crates that will give you alot of items when opened!

  1. Stellrow
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:


    Commands available
    /betterboxes create <boxName> - Used to create a new box
    /betterboxes delete <boxName> - Used to delete a box
    /betterboxes edit <boxName> - Used to edit the box(In-Game GUI)

    /betterboxes setname <boxName> <name(allows multiple words)> - Used to change the name of a box through in-game!
    Example: /betterboxes setname mining &7Mining box

    /betterboxes setlore <boxName> lore1/lore2/lore3 - Used to change the lore through in-game for a box!
    Each lore line is separated by " / "
    Example: /betterboxes setlore mining &7This is a mining box/&7Contains usefull stuff

    /betterboxes give <player> <boxName> <amount> - Used to give a box to a player!

    betterboxes.admin - Gives permission to all commands above!

    None,simply drag the jar into the plugins folder and you are done!

    Q:Can i change a box config from outside?
    A:Yes,each box will have its own respective yml config file inside the plugins folder,inside the "boxes" folder

    Q:Im using a version under 1.14 why is this plugin not working?
    A:This plugin was created using a new feature added by spigot in 1.14,no support will be offered for versions below it!

    Q:I found a error or a bug how can i report it?
    A: Under this section you should find a short paragraph describing how to contact me for problems or where to post the problem!

    All the problems related to this plugin should be directed personally towards me or the discussion page,any problem placed in the review section i will not offer support!
    Contact me on discord directly Stellrow#8516
    Only latest version is supported!(Don't ask for other spigot versions!)

    Making plugins is a hobby and doesn't pay me anything,if you feel like
    support this resource or me in general feel free to buy me a drink

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