BetterChat [Channels, Staff Chat & More!] 1.1.0

BetterChat allows multiple custom chat channels as well as a staff chat

  1. BetterChat V1.1.0

    Version 1.1
    • Custom Staff Chat Prefix.
    • Chat color codes in staff chat and normal chat.
    • Added player name to staff chat.
    • Permission to access all channels - betterchat.all.
    • Config option to set default channel.
    • Custom chat prefix per channel.
    • Custom channel commands - /<channel> <message>.
    • Remember players channels option - If the player re-logs or the server restarts/reloads the player will be on the same channel.
    • On-the-fly channels - Easily create and manage channels without even opening the config.
    • Added a "fallback" command if the plugin fails to start.
    • Added the command /whatchannel to find what channel a specific player is in.
    • Added the /betterchat command as well as /betterchat reload
    Git Version Branch:
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