BetterChat Spigot/Bukkit 1.4


  1. Senneistheboss
    By Senneistheboss
    This is a plugin that controls your chat

    /clearchat with the permission betterchat.clear

    /clearchatwr with the permission betterchat.clearwithreason

    /announce with the permission betterchat.announce

    /bcfakejoin [player] with the permission betterchat.fakejoin

    /bcfakeleave with the permission betterchat.fakeleave

    /bchelp with the permission

    ClearChat sign just do [bc] with the permission betterchat.sign.clearchat


    And there is a QuitMessage but i cant show that
    You can enable/Disable join and quit message

    NoPermMessage: '&cYou do not have permissions to this'
    ClearChatPrefixHeader: '&8&m+-------------------------------------+'
    ClearChatPrefix: '&aThe chat has been cleared by %player%'
    ClearChatPrefixFooter: '&8&m+-------------------------------------+'
    AnnouncePrefixHeader: '&8&m+-------------------------------------+'
    AnnouncePrefixFooter: '&8&m+-------------------------------------+'
    ClearChatReason: '&aThe chat has been cleared with the reason:&4'
    JoinMessage-true-false: true
    JoinMessage: '&8[&c+&8]&7%player%'
    QuitMessage-true-false: true
    QuitMessage: '&8[&6-&8]&7%player%'

    My server join for opprison and own made plugins

    Do you want to sponsor me or whant to give me money

    Do you want more Just pm me
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Recent Updates

  1. Added sign support
  2. Added quit and join message
  3. Added fakeleave

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