BetterCommandBlocks 1.0

Command Block variables. Display World Edit selected regions with variables.

  1. Kloudy
    Better Command Blocks

    -Requires World Edit

    Video Usage Example:

    /bcb - plugin info/credits

    /bcb createdisplay <name> - creates and saves World Edit selected region (Must have already made a World Edit selection)
    /bcb removedisplay <name> - removes a display
    /bcb displaylist [page] - shows a list of created displays

    /bcb createvar <string|int|double> <name> <value> - creates a new variable
    /bcb variablelist [page] - shows as list of created variables
    /bcb varinfo <name> - shows a variable's current value

    Command Block Usage Examples (Commands only work in a command block):

    /showdisplay ~ ~2 ~ <displayname> - displays blocks 2 blocks above the command block

    /showdisplay ~ ~yOffset ~ <displayname> - yOffset is as previously defined variable. Displays blocks at the value of yOffset relative to the command block

    /showdisplay xOffset yOffset zOffset<displayname> - xOffset, yOffset ,zOffset are all previously defined variables. Displays blocks at the values of xOffset, yOffset, and zOffset

    /var <varname> <expression> - expression cannot contain spaces

    /var yOffset yOffset+10 - sets the value of yOffset to the value of yOffset+10

    /var yOffset yOffset-10 - sets the value of yOffset to the value of yOffset-10

    /var yOffset yOffset*10 - sets the value of yOffset to the value of yOffset*10

    /var yOffset 5 - sets the value of yOffset to 5

    /var helloThere hi - sets the value of helloThere to "hi". Note: if the variable is a string, it cannot contain any spaces.

    Conditional Statements:
    (Note: no spaces in the conditional statement! Ex. if cursorBuffer == Empty would not work!)

    -place a regular torch 1 block away from the command block. This will be used to give an output to the conditional statement. Torch turns into redstone torch if the statement is true. Turns to a regular torch if the statement is false.

    /if helloVariable==Hello World - checks to see if the variable 'cursorBuffer' has a value of "Hello World".

    /if myNumber>10 - checks to see if the variable is greater than 10

    /if myNumber<10 - checks to see if the variable is less than 10


Recent Reviews

  1. spathizilla
    Version: 2015-01-25
    This is what happens when I tell Kloudy he can make plugins for our server to make things "work better". He is crazy!