BetterCommandSpy ~ (for 1.7.x - 1.17.x) 2.0.1-b26

The ultimate command spy solution your staff are looking for.

  1. v2.0.1-b26

    • @lokka30 fixed the update checker trying to parse an invalid number. No more startup error :)
    Notice: Haven't read the changelog for v2.0.0 yet? Please read it before installing this update!
  2. v2.0.0-b25 | A New Era

    Welcome to BetterCommandSpy 2
    After ~7.5 hours of total production, it is finally released!

    Please read this entire update description BEFORE updating. Important things happened.

    What's changed this update?
    Everything. It's a completely new plugin now. Same features you loved before, and more. The...
  3. v1.1.2

    • Fixed outdated
    • Fixed alert messages not having a coloured prefix (thanks lolsloths for reporting this!)
    • Added %displayname% placeholder for alert messages
  4. v1.1.1

    Here's a small update with minor fixes to keep the ball rolling :)


    • No configuration changes.
    • Removed hidden debug feature that I forgot to remove a while ago.
    • Updated deps. (Spigot, MicroLib)
  5. v1.1.0

    This plugin hadn't received an update in a while, so here's an update :)

    • IMPORTANT: settings.yml has been updated. You must update this file, else you will experience errors.
    • IMPORTANT: This update has not been tested. Please test it before deploying it on a production server.
    • Added: ignorable commands section in the settings file with whitelistable and blacklistable commands!
    • Improved: a decent amount of code has been moved...
  6. The plugin is working as intended now :)


    v1.0.7-ALPHA b14

    • [Important] File changes: messages.yml. Please update this file else you will get errors!
    • Changed command.on to command.toggle_on to fix a weird bug (also to command.toggle_off)
    • Code file path fixes
    • Code permission fixes
    • Skip sending 'by' message if target = sender
    • Added build number (e.g. 'b14') to the version.
    • Removed extra / in...
  7. Fixed permission bug on startup

    • Fixed issue 'Permission node 'bettercommandspy.bypass' in plugin description file for BetterCommandSpy v1.0.3-ALPHA is invalid'
  8. Few post-release changes

    • Fixed file name of jar
    • Renamed permissions
    • Added /bettercommandspy alias to /commandspy
    • Created documentation on the Wiki.
  9. Oops, once again, forgot to actually put the file in the resource page.

    • Updated Metrics