BetterCommandSpy 0.1.0

BetterCommandSpy ( spy Commands )

  1. SrTecnoYT

    Use this plugin to spy on your player's commands without the extra effort of configuring other plugins.

    Bukkit has not approved the latest file yet, it can be downloaded fromhere
    Why is this plugin better?
    This plugin is better than others that do the same thing because it does not have all that extra configuration and does not need to be turned on whenever you start your server (The plugin can still be turned off by using /bettercommandspy [on/off]), Also you can configure the message.

    1. Drop the plugins .jar into your servers /plugins folder
    2. Assign permission nodes using your favorite plugin IMPORTANT, or the plugin will not work
    3. In the config edit the message using the variables %player %world and %command 3. Reload/Restart your server

    Just run your server, set up permissions and see everyone's commands, except people with BetterCommandSpy.NpSpy!

    - [ Command ] -/BetterCommandSpy [on/off]
    - [ Aliases ] - /bcs /BCommandSpy
    - [ Permission ] - BetterCommandSpy.toggle
    - [ Discription ] - Allows you to turn the plugin on/off
    You can download the latest build for 1.4.6 from here or wait for bukkit to approve the file. There are no viruses is the file so do don't worry.

    - BetterCommandSpy.spy Allows someone to spy on people's commands
    - BetterCommandSpy.NoSpy this person's commands will not be shown to people with BetterCommandSpy.spy
    - BetterCommandSpy.toggle Allowes someone to toggle this plugin on/off
    - Add ability to toggle on/off
    - Suggest more in comments

    For bug reports please use the ticket button at the top-right of the page instead of posting in comments.