BetterConcrete [1.13.X - 1.14.X] 1.3.1

Transform powder into concrete by throwing it into a cauldron. Smelt concrete to get powder

  1. Alex_qp
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    BetterConcrete implements a faster way to get concrete by simply throwing it into a cauldron. Also it provides an option to transform concrete back to powder by smelting it.

    - Highly customizable!
    - Mess-Up Protection for all configurations
    - Useful error/info messages in console
    - Enable/Disable new mechanic: Throw powder into cauldrons to transform it!
    - Enable/Disable furnace recipes
    - Customize messages sent to player

    Mechanic Cauldron
    - Customize in which cauldrons items can be transformed! (empty, full)
    - Customize how much water gets lost after a transformation!

    Furnace Recipes:
    - Customize the amount of exp you get for smelting
    - Customize the amount of items you get for one time crafting.
    - Customize the smelting speed.
    - Add recipes to a player's recipe book on login (or by command).


    Note: All named values are related to the default configurations!

    Mechanic Cauldron

    - Go to a cauldron
    - Throw concrete powder into a non empty cauldron. (The water level will decrease by one)
    - Pick up concrete

    Furnace Recipes

    - Smelt concrete in a furnace to get powder

    Important Information:
    - BetterConcrete does not support Minecraft version 1.12 since v1.2. So please use v1.1 if your sever is still on Minecraft version 1.12.
    - This plugin uses bstats

    Just put the jar file into your server's plugins folder. After restarting your server you can make adjustments in the config. (Do not forget to restart/reload it afterwards)

    - Aliases: /bc [subcommand]
    - /betterconcrete: Credits and available commands for this player.
    - /betterconcrete discover: Discovers all available recipes for this player.

    - betterconcrete.*: Grants access to all permissions.
    - Grants access to the discover command.

    Configuration File:
    Code (YAML):
    # BetterConcrete by Alex_qp
    # This plugin provides you with some more mechanics/recipes to transform concrete into powder and the other way round.
    # Please leave a review after a while to help me improve my plugins!

    # All configurations for furnace
    ## add_recipes_on_login:     If set to true recipes will be added to a player's recipe book on login.
    : true
    : 0.1
    : 200
    : true

    # Cauldron options
    ## check_empty: If set to 0: players will be able to transfer items in any cauldron.
    ##                If set to 1: players will be able to transfer items in non empty cauldrons.
    ##                If set to 2: players will be able to transfer items in cauldrons with higher or equal waterlevel than needed for one transformation (change_waterlevel)
    ## change_waterlevel: Cauldrons will change their waterlevel by the given amount if a player transforms items (the amount of items is unnecessary). Note: A full cauldron has water level 3.
    ## call_event: This is just for compatibility reasons with other plugins. If set to true other plugins will get notified (CauldronLevelChangeEvent) of water level changes with unknown reason.
    : true
    : 1
    : 1
    : false

    # Message configuration
    : "Use /betterconcrete help for all available commands."
    : "&4You do not have permission."
    : "List of all available commands:"
    : "discovers all available recipes."
    : "&CUsage:"
    : "&CNo such (sub-)command. Use /betterconcrete help for all available commands."
    : "&2You discovered all available recipes."

    Bug Report and Suggestions:
    - Please report bugs in the discussion section!
    - Feel free to leave suggestions for future updates!

    Upcoming features:
    - (maybe) new mechanic like cauldron mechanic just with water source blocks or flowing water. (if you want this feature added, contact me)


Recent Reviews

  1. DogPvP
    Version: 1.3.1
    Thanks so much for responding so fast and pushing out another update that fixes the problem with the water levels. You are clearly a great plugin author, and this plugin rocks!
    1. Alex_qp
      Author's Response
      No problem, I am happy to see such appreciation for my work.
  2. SirLemonade
    Version: 1.3.1
    Really good plugin. saves a lot of trouble for a lot of my players. I do not allow any form of anti-afk on my server, they have no excuse to make any machine that allows them to make concrete from powder automatically with this. (such machines stop them from going afk). The plugin does everything it says it does and havent had any issues since i installed it.
    1. Alex_qp
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I am glad you like it.
  3. DogPvP
    Version: 1.3.0
    Wonderful plugin! However, when I set the water level change value to zero instead of one, it is still removing water out of the cauldron when I put concrete in. Is there something I'm doing wrong or a way to fix this?
    1. Alex_qp
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review. change_waterlevel was not allowed to be 0 that is why the plugin used the default value 1 instead (you should have got a warning message informing you about this). However I just updated the plugin to v1.3.1 addressing this issue, so please just update!
  4. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 1.2.1
    Don't work with 1.12.2! ;(
    1. Alex_qp
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! If you are still on 1.12.2 please use version 1.1 ! All added features were only possible due to api changes from 1.12 to 1.13. You can download v1.1 in version history