BetterFly 1.2

Fly-Plugin with custom messages

  1. xxsedadxx
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Languages Supported:
    Everything editable in the config.yml

    Version: 1.2

    This is a Fly-Plugin where you can toggle your own Fly-Mode and that of other players. Another feature is /checkfly with which you're able to check the Fly-Status of a player.
    You can customize every single message in the Config.


    1. Download the .jar file

    2. Place the file in your /plugins folder

    3. Restart or reload your server


    To use the plugin you have to be Operator on your server or set the specified permission.

    - fly.setfly
    Allows the Player to set a Players Fly-Status

    - fly.SeeSender
    Allows the Player to see the Name of the Player who changed your Fly-Status

    - fly.yourcheck
    Allows the Player to check his own Fly-Status with /checkfy

    - fly.otherscheck
    Allows the Player to check another Players Fly-Status with /checkfly <Player>

    - betterfly.*
    Allows the Player to use all commands and have every permission of this Plugin


    - /fly <Player>
    - /checkfly <Player>

    /cfly <Player>


    (Playername of Commandsender)

    (Playername of Target)

    Config (v3):
    Code (Text):

    # BetterFly by Sedad
    # For help or suggestions for improvement you add me on Discord
    # Discord: Sedad#8755
    # Permissions:
    # fly.setfly - to set fly for you and other players
    # fly.SeeSender - to see the name of the Sender who enabled or disabled your fly
    # fly.yourcheck - to check fly status for yourself
    # fly.otherscheck - to check fly status for other players
    # Variables: %Sender% , %Target%
    # usage: /fly <Player>
      NoPermissions: '&7[&cFly&7] &cNo Permissions to set Fly!'
      Usage: '&7[&cFly&7] &cUsage: /fly <Player>'
      PlayerNotFound: '&7[&cFly&7] The Player &e&o%Target% &7was not found!'
    # Activate and Deactivate Messages :)
      YourSelf: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Fly &aactivated'
      TargetMessageSeeSender: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Your Fly was &aactivated &7by &e&o%Sender%'
      TargetMessageDntSeeSender: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Your Fly was &aactivated'
      SenderMessage: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Fly &aactivated &7for &e&o%Target%'
      YourSelf: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Fly &cdeactivated'
      TargetMessageSeeSender: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Your Fly was &cdectivated &7by &e&o%Sender%'
      TargetMessageDntSeeSender: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Your Fly was &cdectivated'
      SenderMessage: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Fly &cdeactivated &7for &e&o%Target%'
    # Messages for /checkfly or /cfly. You can check if yours or someone others fly is currently enabled or disabled
      YourFlyEnabled: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Your Fly is currently &aenabled&7. Try /cfly <Name>'
      YourFlyDisabled: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Your Fly is currently &cdisabled&7. Try /cfly <Name>'
      NoPermissions: '&7[&cFly&7] &cNo Permissions to check Fly!'
      NoPermissionArgumentOverOne: '&7[&cFly&7] &cNo Permissions to check Fly!'
      NoPermissionPlayerNotFound: '&7[&cFly&7] &cNo Permissions to check Fly!'
      Usage: '&7[&cFly&7] &cUsage: /cfly <Name>'
      PlayerNotFound: '&7[&cFly&7] The Player &e&o%Target% &7was not found!'
      OtherPlayersFlyEnabled: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Fly for &e&o%Target% &7is currently &aenabled'
      OtherPlayersFlyDisabled: '&7[&cFly&7] &7Fly for &e&o%Target% &7is currently &cdisabled'
    # Do NOT EDIT the ConfigVersion Number!
    ConfigVersion: 3

    To Fix:

    Nothing to fix so far.

    Author: Sedad
    Discord: Sedad#8755

    Please Report bugs and Suggestions for improvement!

Recent Reviews

  1. ayinuha
    Version: 1.2
    Nice Plugin, but can you make an feature that make it possible to set an fly duration with an wait time till you can fly again?
  2. Kurta
    Version: 1.1
    Pretty basic plugin however you could store info in config since players can just relog and get fly back. Also one message is buggy
    1. xxsedadxx
      Author's Response
      Hmm good Idea, im working on it ;c
      I think you mean the "PlayerNotOnlineMessage", because %Target% doesn't work there. Im also working on that.