BetterFly 1.2

Fly-Plugin with custom messages

  1. Back with a few improvements

    BetterFly Update Version 1.2

    - Updated Config-File!
    - Players with Op do now have every permission.
    - Added a new command /checkfly <name> or /cfly <name> to check the fly status of another player.
    - New permission: "betterfly.*". A player with this permission has basically every permission.
    - New permission: "fly.yourcheck". A player with this persmission is able to check his own fly status
    - New permission: "fly.otherscheck". A player with...
  2. Added Player argument and more!


    - New usage: "/fly <Player>", you can toggle now the Fly-Mode of other Players
    - Config Update (ConfigVersion 2), more messages :)
    - Renamed Permission "fly.sedad" to fly.admin"
    - Renamed Variable %Player% to %Sender%
    - Added new Variable %Target%

    %Sender% is the User, who sends the command.
    %Target% is target User. For example you type /fly "Notch". Notch is now the...