BetterGUI 6.1

An animated menu, a simple menu-designing tool, or just a better GUI plugin

  1. Nothing noticeable

    • Now all expressions in condition action and requirement will always be treated as Boolean Expressions
      So the expression will return True if its result is not zero.
    • Update HSCore to fix a compatibility issue in old versions
    • Add permissions on loading
    • Small code optimizations
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  2. A big update... after almost 3 months... most likely a comeback... but it's not

    • Minecraft 1.17.X support
    • Update HSCore
    • Update XSeries
    • Update all official addons
    • Update the example menus and a new example with Template Button
    • Update the wiki (IMPORTANT)
    • Optimize the skull loading (on Paper)
    • Optimize the player (UUID) storage in some menus
    • Support for multiple files of template buttons
      You need to move your
      template-buttons.yml to the new template...
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  3. Material & Permission

    • Updated HSCore to use the rainbow method
    • Updated XSeries to update the Material & Note Block list
    • Use Bukkit's Permission to reduce delay on creating permissions
  4. Well... this is important, I think

    • Updated bStats
    • Make the skull loading asynchronously (not affect the menu)
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  5. Small fixes

    • Changed the empty argument behavior in ArgsMenu
    • Should not replace the arg variable if it's not found
    • Updated bStats
    • Unregister the menu before unregistering the variables
    • Properly handle the value in some requirements
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  6. Misc and Myth

    • Fixed Back Action not working properly
    • Updated HSCore
    • Small changes in the example menu
    • Tweaked to gain more performances
  7. Finally... PlaceholderAPI

    • PlaceholderAPI is now working properly
    • Some tweaks to make this plugin smoother
  8. Weird gone

    • Removed the quit listener
    • Added shift and reverse for Animated Button
    • Updated HSCore to fix a config issue
    • Updated the wiki
      Animated Button
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  9. Compromise between old and new

    This update adds support for the old settings.
    Therefore, You don't need to rework your menu settings.
    You just need some small changes in your menu.
    If you have any problems, go to my Discord server. I'm there to help you.
    • Merged LegacySimpleButton to the main plugin
    • Added use-legacy-button in config.yml, enabled by default
    • Added NBT Modifier...
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  10. After the bang

    • Ignore the button if its slot is over the inventory limit
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