BetterHelp 2016-01-18

Various miscellaneous functions for both staff and players

  1. darkkir3
    Replaces the ingame command /help with multiple useful functions for both staff and players.

    /help: Opens a menu that allows to submit tickets and view the (currently) active staff members.

    Players will get a menu that allows them to submit tickets, view their currently unsolved tickets and open a menu with the staff list.
    Creating a ticket will send a chat message to every staff that is online right now and capable to solve the issue.

    There are 3 different issue - "types":

    • support - The player asks for support(i.e. he got griefed, doesnt know what to do, ...)
    • bug_report - The player has problems with a plugin
    • suggestions - The player wants to leave a review of the server

    support tickets will trigger the attention of supporter, moderator and admins.
    bug_report will only trigger the attention of developers.
    suggestions wont get triggered at all.

    If a issue gets solved while the author of the issue is online, he will get a small message notifying him that his issue was solved.

    Staff members will get a list with all currently unsolved issues as well as the staff list.
    They can quickly see the online status of the issue author by looking at the stacksize of the item in the menu (a zero indicates an offline player).
    Staff members can mark issues as solved and teleport to the player with the help of the menu.
    Every staff member can solve every issue, there is no limitation.
    Marking a issue as solved will remove it from the issue list
    and save it to the file system with the current date
    as well as the name of the staff member who solved the particular issue.

    Needed permission:

    /help silence: Enables/Disables the chat for you.(You wont be able to see any chat messages or write any chat messages)
    Additionally, any "silenced" staff member wont show up on the staff list.
    Note that you have to be a staff member to use this command.

    Needed permission: BetterHelp.silence

    /help addme (stafftype): Adds you to the staff list. Replace (stafftype) with one of these 4 values:

    Needed permission: BetterHelp.add.(stafftype) (for instance: Betterhelp.add.moderator)

    /help removeme (stafftype)
    : Removes you from the staff list. Replace (stafftype) with one of these 4 values:

    Needed permission: BetterHelp.remove.(stafftype) (for instance: Betterhelp.remove.moderator)

    /help info
    Displays a chat message about your current staff type.

    Needed permission:

    /help reload
    Reloads all configurations on the file system.

    Needed permission: BetterHelp.reload