BetterHorseEggs Version 1.1

Horse eggs spawn customized horses

  1. yamerins
    Description: horse eggs spawn horses tamed, with saddles, and with diamond armor. Future update plan: config file to configure if the horses will be tamed, have a saddle, and have what armor.

    Requested by: Unrealisticbeing.

    No commands, no permissions, CURRENTLY no config file.

Recent Updates

  1. Added configuration!

Recent Reviews

  1. UnrealisticBeing
    Version: 1.0
    Perfect plugin, exactly what was requested, and says exactly what it will do. No bugs or anything yet. One thing, can you make sure they spawn as adults? I just managed to spawn in a baby. Thanks for the plugin!
    1. yamerins
      Author's Response
      Will do! Also, do you want mules to spawn or just horses?