BetterOntime 1.7.4

Track players time and run commands when players reach a certain play time

  1. KaiNoMood
    All my plugins/programs are unsupported and will not be updated anymore. Most of them will not be available.

    This plugin requires UUIDProvider: and a MySQL database.

    • /betterontime | /bot | /ontime - shows your statistics
    • /bot help - shows the help
    • /bot [player] - shows player's statistics
    • /bot leaderboard - shows the leaderboard
    • /bot add [player] [time] - adds playtime to player
    • /bot cmd [list|add|remove] - manages commands run at specified playtime
    • /bot reload - reloads config and database data
    • /msgraw [player] [message] - Send a raw message to the specified player. Colors are supported.
    /bot cmd add
    Syntax: /bot cmd add [time] [repeated] [command...]

    • time : after this amount of timer the command will run
    • repeated : [true|false] if the command is repeated every [time]
    • command : the command to run. Player name: {} - Player UUID: {p.uuid}
    • betterontime.self - check your own statistics (default to all)
    • betterontime.others - check others statistics (default to OPs)
    • betterontime.manage - manage BetterOntime (default to OPs)
    • betterontime.exclude.[id] - exclude [id] command for this player

Recent Reviews

  1. Resoluciones
    Version: 1.7.4
    very useful plugin and a great addition to configure the server properly with additional options to make a great server. Great developer.
    1. KaiNoMood
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)