BetterRTP | Random Wild Teleport 3.1.0-3

A random teleport plugin for staying between the WorldBorder! Custom restrictions and more

  1. 3.1.0-3 - Console `/rtp player` Bug

    - Fixed - When rtp'ing a player using the console command `/rtp player <player>`, console was being saved as the "player" to check economy parameters with rather than the target player.
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  2. 3.1.0-2 - Permissions Fix

    - Fixed - Permissions for `/rtp location` was not grabbing correct permission node
    - Config - Typo on both wiki and locations file had `CenterY` instead of `CenterZ` as an example location.
  3. 3.1.0-1 - Hot Fix

    - Fixed - Overrides not saving on the latest 3.1.0 patch. Whoops!
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  4. 3.1.0 - Locations + more claim plugins support

    - Added - Locations, a new feature allowing to create multiple points of interest instead of just one center point to rtp. Found in the new locations.yml file. Please view the wiki for more info!
    - Added - Support for numerous protection plugins: hClaims,...
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  5. 3.0.5 - Bug Fix

    - Fixed - Support for Lands has been updated to the latest 5.0 patch, fixing areas always returning as being claimed.
    - Other - Updater no longer takes up cpu time when the server starts, and invalid Overriden worlds will give a warning in console if the world doesn't exist.
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  6. 3.0.4-1 - RTP Shape (circle) Fix

    - Fixed - If using the `Circle` rtp shape, the minimum radius would be ignored. Thanks to christaylor201 on GitHub.

    BetterRTP Addons is now released! This addons plugin takes advantage of the new 3.0 API patch, adding additional features such as advanced portals, flashback mechanic, much better debugging and much more to come!​
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  7. 3.0.4 - Bug Fix + RTP Shapes

    - Fixed - A random chunk would be loaded before teleporting a player, causing unnecessary lag spikes when teleporting long distances.
    - Added - Teleporting shapes, allowed are `Square` (default) and `Circle` for all default and custom worlds. Thanks to christaylor201 on GitHub.
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  8. 3.0.3 - Bug Fix

    - Fixed - Custom World prices in economy.yml and config.yml were not registering correctly. config.yml prices will now override economy.yml prices!
    - QOL - World price, type and biomes will now be listed in `/rtp info world <world>` as well as show if value is custom or not.
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  9. 3.0.2 - KingdomsX Support + Bug Fix

    - Added - KingdomsX support, disallowing players to rtp into kingdom regions!
    - Fixed - If a custom world was missing max/min radius, an error could occur during random number generation. (Custom worlds will now use default world values if none are configured)
    - Language - Russian translation has been updated. Thanks to BruceWayne on Discord.
  10. 3.0.1 - Hot Fix

    - Hot Fix - If ProtocolLib was not installed, it would throw an exception when playing sounds.
    - API - Teleport Event now provides the world type