BetterRTP 2.7.6

An RTP plugin best suited for staying between the WorldBorder! Or ANY world with Custom Borders!

  1. SuperRonanCraft
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
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    This plugin collects metrics on the following statistics such as Server count, Cores, Players Online, and more... You may opt out at any time under the file named "bStats" please do not disable this as is motivates me to publish more updates!
    Current Stats
    BetterRTP is a plugin meant for the Server Owner who wants control of where players will randomly teleport on a random occasion within a 'fixed' border, and even allow a central dead zone where they will not be teleported to. Even allow blacklisting certain blocks, such as water, or lava to be rtp'd onto. Also ability to make custom world borders per world, and a standard default one that every world will use if not defined under custom worlds!
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    - Option to respect the current vanilla worldborder "/worldborder set <diameter>"
    - Set the maximum and minimum X and Z values for random teleporting
    - Disable worlds to not allow BetterRTP to function in these worlds.
    - Blacklist blocks to not teleport a player onto
    - Add the amount of times to attempt to teleport to a SAFE block (block not listed on blacklist)
    - Placeholders on each message a player is sent! Look at the config in this page for information on how to use it!
    - Ability to setup multiple worlds with multiple borders and center points!
    - Cooldown timer for rtp commands, customizable in the config!
    - New: Delay timer! Make players have to wait between rtp's as well as cancel if they move!
    - Customizable sounds after rtp'ing and when being delayed!
    - Titles! Add titles when a player rtp's with placeholder support!
    - World A to World B functionality, have overrides when either the player is in spawn or the nether or any world you don't want player to rtp in!
    - Multi-world worldborder support, allowing to use the worldborder on one custom world you set!
    - Economy support! Make players have to pay to rtp in a world!
    - New Worldguard support! Don't let players rtp into another region!

    - #1 - Download BetterRTP.jar
    - #2 - Install any SoftDependencies below so first installation works flawlessly.
    - #3 - Upload all files into your "/plugins" folder.
    - #4 - Reload/Restart your server, configure, execute "/rtp reload" and set!

    [​IMG] (Optional)
    - WorldGuard - When attempting to teleport, respect worldguard regions so players are not teleported inside them!

    [ ] = optional < > = mandatory
    - /rtp help - Shows all commands in chat
    - /rtp player <player> [world] - Randomly teleport another player.
    - /rtp world <world> - Randomly teleport in another world
    - /rtp reload - Reloads the plugin
    - /rtp version - View current version

    - betterrtp.* - All permissions below
    -* - RTP in all enabled worlds
    -<world> - RTP in <world>
    - betterrtp.bypass.* - Bypass all rtp requirements
    - betterrtp.use - Allows the use of the plugin
    - betterrtp.player - RTP another player
    - betterrtp.bypass.cooldown - Bypass the cooldown timer
    - betterrtp.bypass.delay - Bypass the delay timer
    - betterrtp.bypass.economy - Bypass economy
    - betterrtp.reload - Allows to reload the config
    - betterrtp.updater - Get notification on new updates

    Mind donating to a hardworking Developer

    • You may distribute this plugin as long as the download link stays on this page!
    • You may not copy/rename/decompile this code and claim it as yours!
    Please leave a 5 Star Review if you like it! Please don't use reviews to post bugs :( Please post bugs/errors in the Discussion page! Please leave me suggestions to add on to the plugin to make it even better!
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Recent Updates

  1. 2.7.6 - Linux Servers
  2. 2.7.5 - Bug Fix
  3. - Hot Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. FlailoftheLord
    Version: 2.7.6
    Love it. shows no signs of lagg, tho it does sometimes take alot of time to actually teleport the player, it seems to be very accurate, works in the end and nether also... overall a lovely plugin, using it on my experimental network ;p
  2. iamzsm1
    Version: 2.7.6
    Really good, but if you could run the plugin on join, like a random spawn, that would be amazing!
  3. Alexrs94MC
    Version: 2.7.6
    Works great!
    We're using this on all our servers.
    Easily Configurable, Easy on the CPU, Works with all other plugins.
  4. SkyGamer911
    Version: 2.7.6
    i love it serioulsy it is very vey good haha i like it so good i will use it all the time haha not rly
  5. DjGamerDz
    Version: 2.7.6
    The plugin works perfectly!
    Can you please add an options to select which biome you need to teleport to it? like: /rtp biome jungle
  6. comonier
    Version: 2.7.6
    What about this plugin? Simply fantastic and works perfectly in 1.13.2. Thank you for having had the patience to make such an amazing plugin.
  7. arboriginal
    Version: 2.7.6
    Totally forgot to rate this plugin... Using it since 2 weeks on paperSpigot 1.13.2, never seen an error nor a bug. Works like a charm, thanks!
  8. Mihion
    Version: 2.7.6
    Works on 1.13.2 no problem but i can't use it with command block....................
  9. Erikk_GP
    Version: 2.7.6
    Couldn't get this plugin to work even after exchanging several messages with the developer. When teleporting in the nether it dropped players either on the ceiling or in the overworld. I give up.
    1. SuperRonanCraft
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and really trying to understand how the plugin works :)
  10. speedangel91
    Version: 2.7.5
    Très bon plugin ++ Fonctionne en 1.13
    Petit problème sur la version jar 2.7.5
    vous devez changer le chemin du fichier en.yml !
    Petite solution pour dépanner déplacer le fichier en.yml dans le dossier BertterRTP puis le renoner en lang\en.yml