BetterServer Gamemodes/fly and more 1.7


  1. Senneistheboss
    [By Senneistheboss]
    This just a plugin for a good server and admins that hosting the server

    /adv with the permission betterserver.adventure
    /surv with the permission betterserver.survival
    /crea with the permission betterserver.creative
    /sethub with the permission betterserver.sethub
    /lobby no permission needed
    /hub no permission needed
    /spawn no permission needed
    /bsbroadcast with the permission betterserver.broadcast
    /bsclearchat with the permission betterserver.clearchat
    /bsfeed with the permission betterserver.feed
    /bsheal with the permission betterserver.heal
    /bsfly with the permission You need to do the command 2 times to set off the fly

    BetterServer broadcast link can you edit into the config

    /bshelp with the permission

    /vote with the permission
    The messages will appear to if you join you can change it into the config if you dont want that
    /bsreload with the permission betterserver.reload
    /bskickall with the permission betterserver.kickall

    AntiSwear foto no perm if you are op you can say that word
    You can change the text into config

    /bsadmingui With the permission betterserver.admingui
    I have only Server reload for admins
    Ps fixxing more things
    Added more things

    BcDonateWebsite: '&cWWW.YOURSITE.COM'
    KickMessage: '&7[&4BetterServer&7]&9Sorry the server is in restarting.'
    JoinVoteMessage-true-false: true
    VoteHeader: '&4--------------------------------'
    Vote1: '&7[&4BetterServer&7]&bVoteSite1'
    Vote2: '&7[&4BetterServer&7]&bVoteSite2'
    Vote3: '&7[&4BetterServer&7]&bVoteSite3'
    Vote4: '&7[&4BetterServer&7]&bVoteSite4'
    VoteFooter: '&4--------------------------------'
    AntiSwearHeader: '&4------------------------------'
    AntiSwearPrefix: '&7[&4BetterServer&7]&bDo not swear pls'
    AntiSwearPrefix2: '&cThat word is to lazzzy'
    AntiSwearFooter: '&4------------------------------'
    - Fuck
    - hooker
    - shit
    - more
    - you
    - can
    - add
    - more
    - words

    I dont have an help command into minecraft i wil add this later

    Firework on join

    Gui for admins to controll the server
    Report system

    CraftBukkit 1.8-1.8.9
    Spigot 1.8-1.8.9

    Test server
    [I dont have a test server but if you use it on your server you can get free advertisement]

    If you want more pm me and mayby i wil add

Recent Updates

  1. Added antiswear
  2. Added reload command
  3. Vote command added