BetterSleeping 3.0.6

Makes sleeping in multiplayer useful and fun!

  1. Update 3.0.2: Shorten the prefix-update!

    Tired of the way too long message prefix? This update will be right up your alley!

    New features
    • New option in config.yml: shorten_prefix. This is true by default and changes the prefix to [BS] instead of [BetterSleeping]. You can still use the full prefix by setting this to false.
    • New option in hooks.yml: minimum_afk_time. This is the time that a player must be afk before they are ignored by BetterSleeping. This is 60 (seconds) by default.
    • RGB support: Only available for 1.16+. Format is as follows $(RED,GREEN,BLUE)$ where each colour is a value in the range [0, 255] that indicates the strength of that component. You can use an online color picker to find the right values.
    • New language added: French (fr-FR)
    • New language added: German (de-DE)
    • New language added: Chinese (zh-HK)
    • New feature silent mode: use language code "silent" to get a default silent language file
    • BetterSleeping releases on GitHub are now statically named so they can be auto downloaded if your host supports this. Get the latest release at all times from:
    • A faulty example was fixed in all language files
    • Phantoms are no longer disabled by default. This will have no effect on servers already using BetterSleeping.
    • Time setter mode did not clear weather in all cases. This has been fixed
    • The variable <var> was not replaced in no_permission, this has been fixed
    • Sleeping player count not being right after players leaving/joining has now been fixed
    • Canceled: Custom language code support. When a language code is not supported, en-US is used instead.
    • Canceled: RGB support for versions <1.16 will not be implemented as most servers (91.5%, that share stats) are using 1.16.
    • The easter egg language Latin has been removed
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