BetterSleeping 3.0.6

Makes sleeping in multiplayer useful and fun!

  1. Update 3.0.4: Ignoring worlds + bug fixes

    New features
    • Premium only: buffs chance improvements
    • Disable BetterSleeping in some worlds. Check out the default config file here to see an example.
    • [ and ] can now be used in lang messages by using |( or )| respectively. This has been implemented to work around the usage of [ and ] to indicate singular/plural words.
    • In bypassing.yml, a new option: send_messages. This defines whether or not bypassed players will get BetterSleeping messages.
    • The update notifier now notifies admins once per hour (and only for versions smaller than the newest release).
    • If enough_sleeping is set to '''' or ignored, bed_enter_broadcast will be sent instead to prevent confusion.
    • Reduced memory usage for servers (with a lot of players)
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue with setter mode where the storm was not skipped
    • Fixed an issue where console does not get all permissions by default (which is a workaround for external issues with server consoles)
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