BetterSleeping 3.0.6

Makes sleeping in multiplayer useful and fun!

  1. Update 3.0.6: GSit support

    Updating is only required if you plan to use GSit support. This small update introduces support for GSit's newest version. The support allows laying/crawling players to count as sleepers.
  2. Update 3.0.5: Various improvements

    Thank you for being patent, I recommend updating to the latest version as this fixes some issues and has nice new features. Happy sleeping!

    New features
    • Run a custom command when a player gets buffs/debuffs (eg. /balance give 10)
    • A new option to display messages on screen
    • New RGB code support: Additionally, the format &#rrggbb is now also supported for RGB codes
    • Limited GSit support has been implemented, but may have to be tweaked later...
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  3. Update 3.0.4: Ignoring worlds + bug fixes

    New features
    • Premium only: buffs chance improvements
    • Disable BetterSleeping in some worlds. Check out the default config file here to see an example.
    • [ and ] can now be used in lang messages by using |( or )| respectively. This has been implemented to work around the usage of [ and ] to indicate singular/plural...
  4. Update 3.0.3: Messages bug fix + 1.12 support

    Only a few players received messages due to a bug in the previous update. This has now been fixed, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
    From now on, I will also include a 1.12 compatible version with more or less the same functionality as the newer versions. This version will be named BetterSleeping-1.12 and will also be statically named each update. Currently all features are included, except for disabling phantoms (duh).

    You can grab the...
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  5. Update 3.0.2: Shorten the prefix-update!

    Tired of the way too long message prefix? This update will be right up your alley!

    New features
    • New option in config.yml: shorten_prefix. This is true by default and changes the prefix to [BS] instead of [BetterSleeping]. You can still use the full prefix by setting this to false.
    • New option in hooks.yml: minimum_afk_time. This is the time that a player...
  6. Update 3.0.1: Bug fixes

    As the previous release was a big one, some new bugs were introduced. Luckily, I got your back and took care of them.
    • The Spanish translation was improved drastically and no longer causes an error (if you're using the default Spanish translation, make sure to delete your current file to generate the new version)
    • BetterSleeping will warn the console in a clean manner when there is an error...
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  7. Update 3.0.0: Complete rewrite

    A premium version will be available along the free version from now on. Don't worry though, all core features are (and always will be) part of the free version. It only contains GUIs and the ability to change the prefix, for now.

    • Almost every line of code was rewritten, and new concepts are being used to more accurately track the sleeping players....
  8. Update 2.6.2: Minor improvements

    Updating is not required as this release only contains minor improvements. No new features were added.
    • An available (but disabled) event is no longer reported to the console every hour but only once, each time when BetterSleeping is loaded.
    • Small visual tweaks in the /bs help and /bs status output
  9. Update 2.6.1: The Easter update

    It's been a while but I certainly haven't forgotten about BetterSleeping. When you need support, do join our Discord server (I'm from Belgium and am generally not awake when it's 4am over here though)
    Patch notes:
    • Timed events: The Easter event will be active from 12/04/2020 to 19/04/2020 (has to be enabled first in events.yml, but it will disable itself when the event ends).
      • During this event,...
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  10. Update 2.6.0: Disable night skipping & hide messages!

    As always, here are the new features:
    For a tutorial about new options: Please either check the default config or delete your current config

    • BetterSleeping is once again compatible with Bukkit
    • New messages were added in lang.yml to support several newly added features
    • Added an automatic update notifier...
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