BetterSoups 1.0.0

Simple soups for your server can be used in a factions or any pvp kind of server

  1. KillaCraft
    This plugin is simple just drop on the plugins folder and restart your server and the mushroom soups are ready to go!

    This soups plugin is similar to healing soups.

    NOTE: This plugin has only been tested on 1.8.8 spigot if you would like to try it on 1.7 feel free to if it works please report it so i can confirm it works.
    How it works:
    When your health is lower than your max health you will be able to right click a mushroom soup and heal you if your low on health when you right click the soup you will get a boost of 2.5 hearts and regen 2 for like 5 seconds
    looking forward to improve the plugin with cool-downs and a config. support the plugin by leaving reviews and suggestions on the discussion section.

Recent Updates

  1. Some changes on how to soup works.