Big Buckets 1.1.9

Customizable Buckets With Different Sizes!

  1. Bug Fixes and IMC Support v1.1.9

    +Added support for Industrial-MC's Tanks
    *Fixed a bug where trying to use IMCs tanks in the past would make the big bucket a normal bucket
    *Minor bug fixes and overall cleanup
    *Support for 1.9 to 1.12, 1.13+ is not supported and will never be as it will cause older versions to be broken.
  2. Cauldron Support! v1.1.8

    *Fixed a bug where using cauldrons with big buckets would glitch the big buckets.
  3. Crafting Bug Fix. v1.1.7-C

    *Fixed the errors when crafting just about anything for real this time.
  4. Minor Bug Fix. v1.1.7-B

    *Fixed a bug where crafting literaly anything would throw errors.
    +Added bStats support.
  5. Bug Fixes and Crafting Permissions! v1.1.7

    *Fixed the console spitting warnings when using Paper/Taco Spigot.
    +Added Crafting permissions to make certain craftable buckets only makeable by those with the correct permissions.
    *Permissions : bigbuckets.craftsmall, bigbuckets.craftmedium, bigbuckets.craftlarge
  6. WorldGuard And GriefPrevention Support!

    +Added Support for WorldGuard regions and GriefPrevention claims.
    *Minor Bug Fixes.
  7. Minor Bug Fix. v1.1.5

    *Fixed a bug where toggeling a semi-filled bucket into pouring mode would still make it say "big bucket" instead of for example "big water bucket", if it was changed from semi filled bucket to water bucket.
  8. 1.12.1 Support! v1.1.4

    +Added support for 1.12.1
    *Minor bug fixes.
  9. Minor Bug Fix.

    *Fixed a bug where picking up items with enchants/lores/custom names that didnt have a a lore the size of 4 rows would throw errors.
  10. Minor Bug Fix.

    *Fixed a bug with incorrect lores appearing in milk buckets sometimes.