Big Doors Opener 2.2.1

Add-on for Big Doors. Control when a door should open by combining several conditions.

  1. Improvements, improvements and bugfixes. Lots of bugfixes...

    Please see Migration to V2 if you are updating from a 1.x version.

    This is a improvement patch.
    Its highly recommended to use this to reduce the cpu usage of this plugin.

    This version requires the latest Big Doors Version ( to run.

    + Added playerCheckDistance. Player Conditions such as item, permission and location will only be checked for players in a specific range...
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  2. Release v2.2-BETA World Guard Fix and new Condition

    Please see Migration to V2 if you are updating from a 1.x version.

    The goal of the last version was to make this plugin compatible with legacy versions of spigot and/or paper.

    What I didn't had in mind was that world guard 7 is not available for versions below 1.13. Adding legacy support for world guard six would require to publish two separate versions of this plugin which i dont want. It would also be...
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  3. Support for version 1.8 to 1.12 - Improvement Patch

    This version is mainly an improvement patch.

    Please see Migration to V2 if you are updating from a 1.x version.

    + Add support for versions from 1.8 to 1.12 (Notice that Big Doors does not support versions below 1.11)
    * Consumed parameter of item conditions is now false on default and optional
    * Improved tab completion to make the requested input more clear
    * Optimized evaluation of...
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  4. v2.1 Placeholder API Integration

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  5. v2.0.1 BETA Small bugfixes and improvements

    This is a fixed version of the recently published 2.0 version.

    Please see Migration to V2 if you are updating from a 1.x version.

    • decreased file size a bit
    • Fixed a wrong color in the info command
    • Fixed a bug which caused problems on java <11 when using the js engine
    • updated plugin config to make it clearer
    • Fixed a exception which occurred when setting a...
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  6. v2.0 BETA Rewrite and more Conditions. Migration Required.

    This is a major version update. This build is considered a beta version. It is not guaranteed to be stable, but should be more stable than the old build. Please report bugs via our discord or github.

    Its a complete rewrite of the old BDO and introduces a bunch of new Features.

    Some actions are required when updating! Please see: Migration to V2.

    The old door based...
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  7. Hotfix 1.2a

    When a door has range set to 0 it will close or open immediately based on the time if the time requires a state change.

    The door will now just close and open one time, when its time is reached and the range is set to 0.

    The door will no longer open when its closed and it inside its open period.
    The door will no longer close when its opened and its inside its closed period.

    Also it could happen that a door does not work after a large time skip (E.g. 30k ticks.). It can be that the doors...
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  8. Localization

    This update brings localization to Big Doors Opener.

    For this release I support English and German. (I cant speak more languages sadly)

    I also changed the reference version to This version should also work with 1.16

    If you want to contribute a language, you may do this via Github or reach me out via Discord.
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  9. Hotfix 1.1a

    This is a hotfix.

    If the setPermission or the invertOpen command was used on a non existing door an internal error occurred.

    This is now fixed.
  10. Production Update for Big Doors Opener

    This is mainly a internal update.

    I added a update notification for the console and metrics which will hopefully help in in further development op this thingy.

    Keep the doors swinging!