Big Doors Alpha 0.1.7

Big, animated doors, drawbridges and portcullises.

  1. pim16aap2
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13

    If you have a problem with this plugin, please contact me either via PM, Discord (pim16aap2#0381) or the discussion section before / instead of leaving a review first! Not (only) because I don't like bad reviews for things I can and will fix/add quickly, but primarily because it is simply much easier to communicate via any one of those ways than via the review section!

    List of features:
    • Big, animated doors, drawbridges and portcullises!
    • GUI for door management
    • Redstone support
    • Door creator to guide you through door creation process
    • Translation support

    I am always looking to improve upon this plugin, so if you have any tips, ideas or requests, let me know! I'll be happy to help!

    If you encounter a bug or a problem, please contact me first before leaving a review, then I'll try my hardest to fix it as soon as possible.

    If you like this plugin, please don't forget to let me know in the review section, it really does help me keep motivated to provide support for this plugin!

    ToDo List: (Let me know which features you want the most! Items listed on the roadmap at the bottom of the page aren't listed here.).
    • Make this plugin open source (ETA: During/After beta).
    • Make this resource page prettier, clearer, and generally more appealing + Tutorial vid.
    • Any suggestions?

    Known Issues:
    • Because every block in a door is transformed into an entity, larger doors can be quite taxing on the client.
    • When standing far away from a door when it's being opened, it'll behave very strangely. The blocks will no longer more uniformly and (parts of) the door will continue spinning until the player gets close enough again for it to behave normally.
    • Restarting the server or leaving an area while doors are being opened may result in block loss. This WILL be fixed in future releases.
    • Due to their nature, anti-lag plugins tend to remove the entities used by this plugin. This will result in blocks temporarily disappearing and appearing at their opened position after a slight delay. To prevent this, add entities of type "FallingBlock" named "BigDoorsEntity" to their whitelist.

    Commands and Permissions:
    /BigDoors, /BDM
    Allows you to access the BigDoors GUI.

    /NewDoor [-p] <DoorName>
    Initiate door / drawbridge creation process. Use "-p" to initiate the portcullis creation process.
    /NewPortCullis <PortcullisName>
    Initiate portcullis creation process.
    Cancels door creation process.

    /DelDoor <DoorName>
    Allows you to create a Big Door.

    /OpenDoor <doorName>
    Allows you to open a Big Door.


    /OpenDoors <DoorName1> <DoorName2> ...etc
    Allows you to open multiple doors at the same time.

    /ListDoors [name]
    List all doors owned by you, with a specific name if provided.
    Console: /ListDoors <DoorName || PlayerName || PlayerUUID>
    List all doors with a given name (and who owns them) or all doors owned by a player (PlayerName can only be used for online players!).

    /DoorInfo <DoorName>
    Allows you to get information about a given door.


    /ChangePowerBlockLoc <DoorName>
    Allows you to change the location of the powerblock of a given door.

    Allows an admin to pause all doors. (toggle)

    Forcefully finishes all doors currently in the process of being opened.

    /UnlockDoor <DoorName>
    Forcefully unlocks a door not owned by you.

    DoorName can also be substituted by the ID of the door, which can be useful when you have multiple doors of the same name. You can get the ID of a door using the doorinfo command or the doorinfo button in the BigDoor Menu. When listing all doors (with a given name, if provided), you also get the IDs of those doors. Note that as a consequence, you cannot give doors numerical names.

    Making a big door:
    When you have built a door that you would like to open, you start the door creation process using "/NewDoor <DoorName>", where you substitute <DoorName> for any name you'd like to give it. Alternatively, you can open the BigDoor Menu using "/BigDoorMenu" or "/BDM" for short and use the "New Door" button in the GUI and choose a name using "/NameDoor <DoorName|| DoorUID>", as the instructions will tell you.
    Next, you will need to define the region of the door*. Just select two points on the door as far away from each other as possible, e.g. top-left and bottom right. You then need to define where the rotation point (or: hinge) is, so the plugin not only knows where the door is but also how to open it. This is done by selecting a column of blocks on the side you want the door to rotate around.
    And that's it! You can now start using the door using "/OpenDoor <DoorName || DoorUID>" or find the door in the list shown in this plugin's GUI (sorted by door ID, i.e. creation date) and use the switch there.
    If you want to use redstone to open a door, you can do that too! Simply place the "power block" (as set in the config file)** under the rotation point / hinge as shown here:

    *: Note that in the current version of this plugin, doors can only be 1 block deep!
    **: I would recommend choosing a rare block (such as a gold block) to avoid lots of checks to the db, which could cause slowdowns depending on how much redstone is used on your server (you don't have to worry about that when you use a rare block).

    Making a big drawbridge:
    Making a big drawbridge is very similar to making a big door. The big difference being that a drawbridge should be flat when you're creating it. After selecting the (FLAT) area of the drawbridge, select one of the 4 sides of the rectangle to define the rotation point / hinge. If you select a corner, you'll have to select another point on the desired axis to avoid ambiguity (useful when creating a 2 wide bridge***).
    The location of the power block is in the middle, under the rotation point. If it's still unclear, you can use the "/DoorInfo <DoorName || DoorUID>" command or the GUI to see its exact coordinates. Of course, you can also just move the power block to a location of your choice using "/ChangePowerBlockLoc <DoorName || DoorUID>" or the GUI.

    ***: 1 block wide drawbridges are not (yet) supported.

    Making a portcullis:
    Again, very similar process as before. Only difference from making a big door, is that you use a different command (or GUI option) to initiate the creation process and that you don't have to select a rotation point (it only goes up and down, after all). The power block works the same as it does for drawbridges: By default it's 1 block under the portcullis, in the middle and it can be moved just like it can for any of the other door-types.
    The portcullis door-type will look how many blocks it can move up and how many blocks it can move down. If it can move further down than up or if the number of blocks is equal in both directions (it never goes further than its total height), it will move down for as many blocks as it can. Otherwise, it will go up.

    Updating to a new Version:
    I am constantly adding new features and stuff. These new features often require more data to be stored in the database. This means that upon loading a new version, the plugin will try to auto update the database so it can store all the new data that's required. This hasn't gone wrong so far, but that doesn't guarantee it'll never go wrong in the future! So, please, MAKE A BACKUP of your database before updating this plugin! And while you're at it, make backups of your config file as well! It gets changed even more often!

    Video Tutorial:

    Some more examples:

    Alpha 0.1.8 Progress:
    • Use packets to avoid other plugins such as LagAssist from rudely interfering with my animated blocks.
    • Look for other fun packet stuff? Any suggestions?
    • Add keys to doors. You can retrieve a key from the GUI (or using the command /GetDoorKey <DoorName || DoorUID>
    • More code cleanup.
    Alpha 0.1.9 Progress:
    • Variable door depth.
    • Possibly figure out a way to add mass to animated blocks (so you can't noclip through them anymore)

    Alpha? What does that even mean anymore?
    Because everyone seems to have their own idea of what alpha and beta means these days (especially AAA game devs), I'll quickly explain my release cycle:
    - Alpha: In the alpha stage the focus lies on adding new features. You can expect a pretty fast update cycle and some bugs, glitches, and imperfections every now and then that hopefully get fixed in the next update.
    - Beta: In the beta stage the focus lies on perfecting what is there. The update cycle will probably slow down considerably and not bring (as many) new features as compared to the alpha stage. I will mainly work on making the code prettier and more optimized and iron out any glitches that are encountered.
    - Release: At this point, the plugin should basically be done. You can expect the occasional update to fix any bugs that slipped through the beta stage, but I'll have moved on to other projects. At this stage (after code beautification) the code will be open sourced.

    As a final note, I'd like to thank Captain_Chaos for making his PorteCoulissante plugin. I've used it a lot and it inspired me to make this plugin!
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    1. pim16aap2
      Author's Response
      Haha, thanks for the review! Portcullises check how far they can go down and how far they can go up before moving. They then go in whichever direction that allows them to go the furthest or down if both distances match or exceed the total portcullis height
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    Plugin looks great... Not tested yet no Time as Well. .. But Plugin looks great like
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    Great plugin! :D I love it!
    I also found a little bug with the issue of item data, for EX: Spruce planks changes into Oak planks after first use and stay that way, but thats a small bug that isnt a big deal! Still an amazing plugin!
    1. pim16aap2
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I wasn't aware of the bug, I'll send you a PM for some more information!
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    Version: Alpha
    Most EPIC!! Must be EPIC dev to code this plugin!
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      Thanks for your review! :D
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    Great support author fixed bugs quickly and made it compatible with 1.13.1 :) Glad I could help!
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      Thanks for your review and your help! :D
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    This is really a masterpiece. Great work. RPG servers will be happy. 5 stars are not enough for that. I hope to see more of you. Because this Alpha sets new standards.
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      Thanks for your review!