Big Doors Alpha

Big, ANIMATED doors, drawbridges and portcullises.

  1. Couple new features and a bunch of fixes and improvements.

    - Stopping the server while opening doors no longer results in disappearing doorblocks.
    - Unloading chunks containing animated doors no longer results in disappearing doorblocks.
    - Added coolDown option in the config file.
    - Added bigdoors.own.x permission node to limit number of doors a user can own to x.
    - Added "/InspectPowerBlockLoc" to get door info from a power block.
    - Added more text to translation file and reorganized it.
    - Added "/CloseDoor" and "/ToggleDoor". Open, Toggle and Close commands all toggle a door when no opendirection was set. When a door does have an opendirection, they do exactly what you'd expect.
    - Added more info to /DoorInfo
    - Added "/SetAutoCloseTime <Door ID/Name> <Time>".
    - Added specific drawbridge creator button in GUI.
    - Added button to change opening direction for doors to GUI.
    - Added button to change auto close timer for doors to GUI.
    - Fixed case where not all doors would show up in the GUI.
    - Fixed doors that were deleted still showing up in the GUI.
    - Fixed drawbridges finishing on the other side than they should in certain situations.
    - Fixed anvils not rotating correctly in certain positions and added support for slightly/badly damaged anvils.
    - Fixed !BDCancel! message when using /BDCancel.
    - Fixed connected blocks in 1.13. Still broken in 1.12
    - Changed "/NewDoor" command to take these flags: -bd, -db, -pc.
    - Changed door creation process. Door and drawbridge creation are now completely separated.
    - Changed Door/Drawbridge creation process to be more strict. Rotation point must be in min/max y range.
    - Now loading correct default resource pack based on MC version (in config, can still be disabled, don't worry).
    - Removed "/OpenDoors". You can now just use /OpenDoor.
    - Removed cobblestone walls from blacklist again.
    - General code improvements.
    - Tweaked audio so all sounds should have roughly the same volume (which is also lower than it was before).
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