Big Doors Alpha

Big, ANIMATED doors, drawbridges, portcullises, and more!

  1. Lots of improvements.

    - New animation algorithms! Prettier, much less error-prone, smaller, and ~30% faster!
    - Added support for custom sounds via a resource pack. Thank you @Achaius for all your help with this!
    - Added config options for resource pack loading.
    - Added portcullis/drawbridge/door speed multiplier variables in the config.
    - Speed variable (now called time) in the API now describes amount of time (measured in seconds) it will take to open a door of any type.
    - Now using variable tickrate based on door speed and size! Faster = higher tickrate, slower = lower tickrate.
    - Fixed materials such as andesite turning into stone in < 1.13. (again... Thank you, 1.13).
    - Added "/bdversion" command to display the version of this plugin.
    - Double steps no longer allowed for now, as they bug out everything.
    - Added support for using "/ListDoors <DoorName || PlayerName || PlayerUUID>" from console.
    - Added support for using "/DoorInfo <DoorUID>" from console.
    - Fixed NPE thrown when using "/ChangePowerBlockLoc" using a name that has more than 1 or 0 result(s).
    - Anvils now rotate when used in a door.
    - Blacklisted cobblestone walls, as they don't behave properly.
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