Big Doors Alpha 0.1.6

Big, animated doors, drawbridges and portcullises.

  1. Lots of improvements.

    - New animation algorithms! Prettier, much less error-prone, smaller, and ~30% faster!
    - Added support for custom sounds via a resource pack. Thank you @Achaius for all your help with this!
    - Added config options for resource pack loading.
    - Added portcullis/drawbridge/door speed multiplier variables in the config.
    - Speed variable (now called time) in the API now describes amount of time (measured in seconds) it will take to open a door of any type.
    - Now using variable...
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  2. Fixes and improvements

    - Fixed GUI in 1.13.x, thank you @Achaius for the bug report!
    - Improved timings for smaller doors.
    - Fixed getting door info from GUI.
    - Fixed /BDCancel when creating portcullis or relocating power block.
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  3. Fixes

    - Improved support for blocks introduced in version 1.13 of Minecraft. Thanks @Ashleyekm for the bug report and @Hex_27 for his XMaterial class, making my life a bit easier :D.
    - Added optional "-p" flag to the "/NewDoor" command, to make a portcullis instead of a drawbridge/door. The full command is now "/NewDoor [-p] <DoorName>".
    - Fixed redstone...
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  4. NPE Fix for fresh installs

    - Fixed NPE thrown when attempting to open a door on fresh installs. Note that if you got this error, you will need to regenerate your database! Thanks @antiPerson for your report!
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  5. Portcullis!

    - Added portcullis door type! Can be created using /NewPortcullis <PortcullisName> or via the GUI.
    - Fixed locking doors in GUI.
    - Added power block location to "/DoorInfo <DoorName>" command.
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  6. Power Block Relocation

    - Added power block relocation either via /changepowerblockloc <DoorName> or simply via the GUI if you can't be bothered to spend the rest of the day typing that command.
    - Fixed GUI cutting off numbers at certain numbers.
    - Code improvements (fewer unnecessary calculations).
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  7. API, Config, Fixes

    - Added basic API for opening/closing doors (with varying speed or instantly).
    - Doors/Bridges exceeding a maximum number of blocks (as set in the config) will now open instantly (so no animated blocks).
    - Fixed drawbridge powerblock location determination on creation. If powerblocks don't work for a drawbridge, try recreating it.
    - Fixed some redstone related issues.
    - Corrected version number.
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  8. Removed Debug Messages

    - Got rid of inventory debug messages...
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  9. Bug Fixes!

    - Fixed GUI not working, thanks @SamB440!
    - Fixed possible NPE, thanks @SamB440 again! :D
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  10. 1.13.1 Support

    - Added support for version 1.13.1 of Minecraft, thank you @SamB440 for the heads up!
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