Big Doors Alpha

Big, ANIMATED doors, drawbridges, portcullises, and more!

  1. Alpha

    • Fixed materials in 1.12. Thanks, @GameFire99 for the bug report!
    • Updated to JCalculator 1.6 (for the price formulas in the config), fixing issues with exponentiation and adding some more operators.
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  2. Alpha

    • Added support for Towny. Thanks, @Onions for the suggestion!
    • Fixed incorrect handling of the doorSize limit in the config and the permissions. Thanks, @Onions for the bug report!
    • Fixed sliding doors not respecting protection plugins in some cases.
    • Before moving, doors will now check if the owner is allowed to break the blocks in the old location as well (not just the new location).
    • When a door exceeds either the personal door size limit of the owner or player that...
  3. Alpha Bug fix

    • Fixed sounds being played asynchronously, which broke all doors on the latest build of Spigot. Thanks, @DeathReminds for the bug report!
  4. Alpha

    Mostly just bug fixes and some first steps towards getting the database ready for BigDoors v2 (these do affect plugin functionality, read more below!).
    • Fixed InsufficientFunds message appearing even if the price is just 0. Thanks, @0fficerMike for the bug report!
    • Added project URL to update available message received on login. Thanks, @Panda_Nesthesia for the suggestion.
    • Fixed "/DoorInfo <doorName>" only working if you provided a...
  5. Alpha

    - Fixed being able to modify properties of doors (and delete them) you have no access to via direct commands when using doorUIDs.
    - Fixed PlotSquared compatibility in both old and new versions of PlotSquared. Thanks, @mindw0rm for the bug report!
    - Added protection hook for GriefPrevention. Thanks, @tobugs for the suggestion!
  6. Alpha

    - Introduced "/killbigdoorsentities" command to kill all entities created by this plugin. To be used in case some get left behind for whatever reason. If that happens, I'd still like to hear about it, though. In theory, you should never have to use this command.
  7. Alpha Fixes

    - Fixed bounds checking for rotation point of doors and drawbridges. Thanks, @Blaster76606 for the bug report.
    - Fixed incorrect import. Auto-updater will work again. Thanks, @Auroman for the bug report!
    - 1-block-wide drawbridges are now allowed, but only if created when flat!
  8. Alpha Fixes

    - Fixed missing openDirection option for the portcullis type. Thanks, @RetroCh1cken for the bug report!
    - Fixed autoCloseTimers potentially overlapping. Thanks, @RetroCh1cken for the bug report!
    - Selection tool is removed from player's inventory if they log out before finishing or timing out any process involving a selection tool.
    - Selection tool cannot be moved into chests etc anymore.
    - Soft removed Elevator door type to avoid confusion. When...
  9. Improved connected blocks + bugfix.

    - Connected blocks (i.e. fences, iron bars, panes, etc) now stay connected in portcullises, sliding doors, and elevators in 1.13.* and 1.14.*.
    - Fixed regular doors (and presumably other blocks) spawning ghost versions when used in a door. Thanks, @RedYoshi for the bug report!
  10. Compatibility hook refinement

    - Added permission node "bigdoors.admin.bypasscompat" to bypass compatibility hooks like WorldGuard and PlotSquared (door creation and toggling).
    - OPs also bypass compatibility hooks.
    - When a compatibility hook doesn't allow you to create a door somewhere, you'll now be notified which specific hook is blocking access.