Big Doors Alpha

Big, ANIMATED doors, drawbridges, portcullises, and more!

  1. Alpha

    • Fixed concurrency issue where a door could be toggled more than once under specific circumstances.
    • Fixed drawbridges not respecting the defined OpenDirection value. Thanks, @Death By, for the bug report!
    • Fixed being unable to delete any doors as a player when using the door's UID.
  2. Alpha

    • Fixed NPE when trying to open/close/toggle doors as a non-player. Thanks, @SlimeDog, for the bug report!
  3. Alpha

    • Added initial support for version 1.16 of minecraft.
    • Fixed crash on startup if the custom translation file contained invalid lines. Thanks, @TaoXiaoBai, for the bug report!
    • Fixed GUI bypassing user permissions regarding door attributes. Thanks, @PirateCraft, for the bug report!
    • Added "bigdoors.user.lock" permission node for (un)locking doors.

    Also, check out...
  4. Alpha

    • Fixed bug with the latest version of Towny. Thanks, @Master, for the bug report!
    • Added some methods to the Commander to make extending this plugin a bit easier (specifically for instances).
    • Fixed stained glass (panes and blocks) changing colors in rotating door types (e.g. Doors). Thanks, @MrLoenkie, for the bug report!
  5. Bug fixes, minor improvements, events

    • Changed logging level of messages about no items being blacklisted or whitelisted from WARN to INFO. Thanks, @SlimeDog for the report!
    • Drawbridges will now figure out which way to open when created in their open position (i.e. flat). Thanks, @BobbyMC for the report!
    • Fixed portcullises showing incorrect open direction options in the GUI. Thanks, @SlimeDog for the report!
    • Fixed drawbridges showing invalid open...
  6. Alpha Fixes and some improvements

    • Updated to the latest version of XMaterial, which is supposed to bring some performance improvements in the areas concerning materials.
    • Added beehive and bee nest to the material blacklist.
    • Fixed bypass permission node for toggling doors not allowing people to toggle doors via commands if they did not own them. Thanks, @ReshiStar for the bug report.
    • Added support for...
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  7. Alpha Support 1.15

    • Added support for 1.15.
    • Added "/shadowtoggledoor <doorName/doorUID>" (permission: bigdoors.admin.shadowtoggledoor) command to toggle a door purely in the database (no blocks will be moved). This can be used to fix a desync issue. It should only be used as a last resort!
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  8. Alpha

    • Fixed materials in 1.12. Thanks, @GameFire99 for the bug report!
    • Updated to JCalculator 1.6 (for the price formulas in the config), fixing issues with exponentiation and adding some more operators.
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  9. Alpha

    • Added support for Towny. Thanks, @Onions for the suggestion!
    • Fixed incorrect handling of the doorSize limit in the config and the permissions. Thanks, @Onions for the bug report!
    • Fixed sliding doors not respecting protection plugins in some cases.
    • Before moving, doors will now check if the owner is allowed to break the blocks in the old location as well (not just the new location).
    • When a door exceeds either the personal door size limit of the owner or player that...
  10. Alpha Bug fix

    • Fixed sounds being played asynchronously, which broke all doors on the latest build of Spigot. Thanks, @DeathReminds for the bug report!