Big Doors Alpha

Big, ANIMATED doors, drawbridges, portcullises, and more!

  1. Bug fixes

    - Fixes potential issues caused by accidental inclusion of experimental code. Excuse the messy update!
  2. Bug Fix

    - Fixed incorrect import. Thanks, @mmuziek for the bug report!
  3. Bug fix

    - Added plugin.yml again. Thanks, @mmuziek for the bug report!
  4. 1.14 support

    - Added support for version 1.14 of Minecraft.
    - Fixed (harmless) error on startup when using non-default language file.
    - Fixed plugin breaking when depending on a broken compatibility plugin (e.g. WorldGuard). Thanks, @kristinr96 for the bug report!
    - Fixed plugin breaking when Vault was enabled but not hooked into an economy plugin. Thanks, @kristinr96 for the bug report!
  5. Big Update!

    - Added "/BigDoors restart" to reload the config and the translation file and generally reinitialize everything.
    - "/BigDoors" no longer opens GUI. Use "/BDM" or "/BigDoors Menu" instead.
    - Added (very) basic help menu for /BigDoors.
    - Fixed translation for setting close timer. Thanks, @WHiZSTA.
    - Doors can now go through water and lava.
    - Added DEBUG option in the config that you should not use!! Just leave it on false.
    - Made update checking a little less frequent...
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  6. Fixes, auto-update

    - Fix door items in GUI in 1.12. Thanks, @bbayu for the bug report!
    - Fixed end rod rotation in drawbridges. Thanks, @Achaius for the report!
    - Got rid of a debug message. Thanks, @KevUndead for the report!
    - Added auto-update option.
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  7. Bug Fixes

    - Fixed NPE when air blocks are used in a door of any type. Thanks, @MrEMan for the bug report!
    - Fixed stripped logs in 1.13.* not being rotated when placed. They still won't rotate mid-animation, though. Thanks, @MrEMan for the bug report!
    - Fixed colored blocks in < 1.13 in drawbridges. Thanks, @Dragon_12dk for the bug report!
  8. Let's try that again!

    - Fixed Door creation process (all types). Thanks, @WHiZSTA for helping me figure out what was going on!
    - Each door type now has its own door item type in GUI. No longer randomly assigned. Thanks, @WHiZSTA for the suggestion!
    - Added success messages for changing auto close timer. Thanks, @WHiZSTA, again :D
    - Auto-close timer now overrides door availability status (cooldown). Again, thanks @WHiZSTA. :D
  9. Pulled 0.1.7

    Found some issues in 0.1.7 I cannot fix until tomorrow, so putting this placeholder here until I have more time.
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  10. Couple new features and a bunch of fixes and improvements.

    - Stopping the server while opening doors no longer results in disappearing doorblocks.
    - Unloading chunks containing animated doors no longer results in disappearing doorblocks.
    - Added coolDown option in the config file.
    - Added bigdoors.own.x permission node to limit number of doors a user can own to x.
    - Added "/InspectPowerBlockLoc" to get door info from a power block.
    - Added more text to translation file and reorganized it.
    - Added "/CloseDoor" and "/ToggleDoor". Open, Toggle and...