BIGbot [Discord Bot] 1.3

Discord is amazing, and it just got better [EULA Compliant]

  1. Complete Rework

    So this update (more stuff I broke previously) is jam packed full of fixes!
    First of all, this is packed with a beta version of BIGcore, a version that now supports MySQL and is more efficient when loading and saving playerdata.
    BIGbot's new features are:

    1. Discord commands: use /help and /channel [chat, link, donations, death, damage]. The help command will show all commands to a user if they have the ADMINISTRATOR permission in discord. /channel will let you set the designated...
  2. Emoji Fix

    Emoji names now supported, my bad
  3. Fixing what I broke

    Yea I broke some stuff, so I fixed it!
  4. Fixes Full of Fun

    • Fixed chat-channel not working
    • Changed chat sync to replace &k with nothing, making discord chats not able to make that flash text
    • Added dev stuff
    • Made code more efficient?