BillBoards - Fantastic NEW large sign text and custom designs 1.0.0

Fantastic NEW sign tool with custom designs.

  1. Goldentoenail
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    BillBoards – By Goldentoenail
    First there were signs, and then signs with colored writing. (BillBoards includes this feature)

    And, now, here comes BillBoards with LARGE characters and colors!

    Billboards uses the Minecraft ASCII character set as standard with some customized characters.
    Whilst Signs have some limitations that we have to work with, I have been able to produce a usable design which can be used for many standard characters. (All UK and US keyboard characters which you can see on your keyboard are included. 0 to 9, a to z, A to Z, and symbols.) The thin lines you can see on the BillBoards are a bi-product of the formatting which I had to use.

    BillBoards can normally hold 3 to 4 characters on each sign, and with some practice usable spacing can be achieved.

    Each sign can have only 1 color. (Bold, Italic, etc. will not be accepted.)

    How to use BillBoards

    Copy the BillBoards.jar file into your plugins directory.

    Provide the permission as required by your permissions manager.

    Restart the server.


    bb.colors – will allow players to use colored text in signs and also the command /colors to display a list of color and format codes for the text used in signs.

    bb.use - Will allow players to use BillBoards text in a sign.
    bb.admin – Allows a user to use the commands /bb test <character> /bb debug and /bb reload.

    As with any sign the player must have the permissions of other plugins to place a sign.


    /colors - Provides a list of available color and format codes for use in colored text signs.

    /bb – Provides a list of BillBoards commands.

    /bb colors – Provides a list of available color codes for BillBoards signs.

    /bb help – Provides instructions about how to use BillBoards.

    / – Used before placing a BillBoards sign. Toggles the small spaces feature. The small spacer will replace the standard space with a small spacer in the BillBoards sign produced. This can be useful to align characters in the BillBoards sign.

    /bb test <character> – Can be used to check if a character is available in BillBoards.

    /bb debug – sends extra messages to the console and the players with permission bb.admin

    /bb reload – reloads the configuration file

    Making a BillBoard sign

    Example :

    Type on the first line of a sign [bb]

    Type on the second line of the sign a color code using the ‘&’ symbol and the characters you require. (Any extra characters will be ignored or may cause the character pixels to shift.)
    BB-Hia1.png BBHia-2.png

    Example 2:

    Before placing a sign use command /bb space and type on line 2 &5Hi a

    Custom Characters

    The design of BillBoards tries to retrieve the data for each character from the Minecraft system. The result may not be the character which you were expecting, or it may be a nondescript pattern. In these cases, all is not lost.

    I have added several custom characters into the configuration file. You may wish to edit or add some custom characters for your own purposes.

    If you can type the character into a sign using your keyboard the /bb test will return a code that is references the character.
    Use /bb test <your character>

    Example: /bb test €

    Will return a code of 8364

    The character normally provided will not fit into the design for use on a BillBoards sign.

    If a new version of that character can be drawn using a maximum of 8 pixels high, we can create our own ‘custom’ design to use. And, up to a width of 20 pixels !

    This design should be translated into a form which can be easily used in the configuration file.
    Using a capital ‘O’ to represent each empty pixel.

    Using a capital ‘X’ to represent each filled pixel.
    We arrive at a design which can be added to the configuration file.

    - 'OOXXO'
    - 'OXOOX'
    - 'OXOOO'
    - 'XXXXO'
    - 'OXOOO'
    - 'OXOOX'
    - 'OOXXO'
    - 'OOOOO'

    Of course you can add you own custom design to any character which has a keyboard assignment. The design must be 8 rows by up to a length of 20 pixels.

    Try this !

    Once a character design has been used on a sign, or the character is no longer needed. The configuration file can be changed to another design for that character. The old signs will not be changed by the new designs.

    I have included several modified character designs in the configuration file including...

    á Á é É í Í ó Ó ú Ú £ € ¦ ¬

    Terms of service
    • You are not allowed to decompile nor modify the code for private use.
    • You are not allowed to copy this code and claim it as your own work.
    • You are not allowed to share the code with anyone
    • This plugin is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3
    This plugin is encoded using Java 8

    If you have errors please ensure that your server is running Java 8

    If you have a question or suggestion, please use the Discussion area!

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