Biome Crystals 0.2

Craftable crystals for locating biomes.

  1. MrMashy
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Biome Crystals
    Have you ever had trouble finding a biome, just running around for hours trying to find a desert? Well, I have. And so, this plugin was created.
    It features crystals, all of which can be crafted from materials found in the world.

    Note: Since versions 1.15 and below have the old nether, the plugin will automatically detect the server's Minecraft version and will not load the crystals for nether biomes on unsupported versions.

    The recipes for crafting crystals are all very similar.
    They all consist of a diamond in the middle and 4 special ingredients around it. For example, a diamond with 4 oak leaves around would create forest crystal.
    The ingredients around the diamond for each biome:

    Overworld biomes:

    • Forest - oak leaves
    • Desert - smooth sandstone
    • Mushroom fields - brown mushroom
    • Ocean - kelp
    • Taiga - spruce leaves
    • Mountains - stone
    • Gravelly mountains - flint
    • Plains - grass block
    • Swamp - slime ball
    • Jungle - cocoa beans
    • Badlands - red sand
    Nether biomes:
    • Nether wastes (classic nether) - netherrack
    • Crimson forest - nether wart
    • Warped forest - ender pearls
    • Soul sand valley - soul sand
    • Basalt deltas - magma block
    Using the crystals is very simple - just right-click air with one in your hand. If a biome of the specific type is found, the crystal will fly in the direction of the biome. If it is not, then the plugin could not find the biome in proximity.
    Crystals for overworld biomes can only be used in overworld worlds, and crystals for nether biomes can only be used in nether worlds. You can edit a list of allowed worlds for each type of crystals in the config file.

    The config file contains two values that change how the plugin looks for biomes around the player.
    point-count - the amount of points in the world checked to find the biome
    point-distance - distance in blocks between each point checked
    Increasing point-count will increase the amount of searched space, but the searching process will take more time.
    Increasing point-distance will increase the search radius, but, if the target biome is small enough, then a large distance between points could lead to accidentally skipping over the target biome.

    It also contains 2 lists with names of allowed worlds for each type of crystals.
    overworld-worlds - list of allowed worlds for overworld biome crystals
    nether-worlds - list of allowed worlds for nether biome crystals

    - Improve the method for finding biomes
    - Make the crystal recipes configurable
    - Make this description page better
    - Fix bugs
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  1. LightF
    Version: 0.1
    A helpful plugin for player to find the biome!Why not add the support for nether biomes? Thanks :D
    1. MrMashy
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!
      As for the nether biomes, that's an awesome idea, I'll add that to TODO list.