Biome Viruses 2.0.1

A customable biome viruses

  1. Peepersoak
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This is just a simple plugin where you can catch a virus while in a specific biome. Very customizable!

    How it works:
    Basically while you are exploring, there's a random chance that you will catch a virus, the only way to remove this is by exiting the area, or by drinking a milk.

    If you drink a milk, you will have an immunity in the biomes virus for a limited time, can be configured via config.

    • biomeviruses.stuff - Permission for opening the GUI, reload command and setting message command.
    • biomeviruses.immunity - Players that have this will be immune to viruses.
    • biomeviruses.usemilk - Only players that have this can remove the viruses if the Allow_Milk is set to true.
    • /biomeviruses reload - this will reload the config file.
    • /biomeviruses setup - this will open the GUI setup
    • /biomeviruses setmessage <biome_name> - this will set the message for that ceratin virus.

    This plugin is very customizable, you can set which biomes should have a virus, you can also set the virus for that biome and the message they will receive when they got a virus, there's also an option to set what are the chances of having a virus when you stay in that area.

    Please be careful in editing the config file, this plugin relies heavily on the config, therefore if you spelled/formatted something incorrectly, plugin might throw an error!

    This plugin only uses the default potion effects therefore, aside from the negative effect, you can also use some positive effects! Be Creative!

    If you are interested you can check out my other plugins as well!

    Hey!! I have a discord sever, if you find any bugs or needs some help, kindly post a chat in the channel, it will help my greatly. You can also suggest a simple plugin in the suggestion channel. This channel is pretty new so come and join me!

Recent Reviews

  1. dpzOnline
    Version: 1.2.2
    It works, but I have a question. I use multiverse, is there a posibility to have it active in one world but not another?
    1. Peepersoak
      Author's Response
      Hi, Thank you for the review, actually I've been pondering with this for a while, there's already a code for this, but it's not yet active, since I'm not able to test it, but I will add this on the future updates :)