Biome Viruses 3.0.1

A customable biome viruses

  1. Peepersoak
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    This is just a simple plugin where you can catch a virus while in a specific biome. Very customizable!

    How it works:
    Basically while you are exploring, there's a random chance that you will catch a virus, the only way to remove this is by exiting the area, or by drinking a milk.

    If you drink a milk, you will gain an Immunity for a limited amount of time which can be configured in the config file.

    • BV.Immunity - All player that have this permission will be immune to viruses.
    • BV.Allow_Milk - Only players that have this can drink milk
    • BV.Admin - The main permission needed to access the settings
    • /biomevirus setting - To open up the new GUI setting
    • /biomevirus region - To open up the Region GUI setting
    • /biomevirus reload - To reload the config file

    This plugin only uses the default potion effects therefore, aside from the negative effect, you can also use some positive effects! Be Creative!

    I have released my Squid Game Plugin, kindly check it your if you are interested.

Recent Updates

  1. Added Multi World Support
  2. Plugin Re-Wrote
  3. Fix a super minor bug

Recent Reviews

  1. dpzOnline
    Version: 1.2.2
    It works, but I have a question. I use multiverse, is there a posibility to have it active in one world but not another?
    1. Peepersoak
      Author's Response
      Hi, Thank you for the review, actually I've been pondering with this for a while, there's already a code for this, but it's not yet active, since I'm not able to test it, but I will add this on the future updates :)