/Biome 1.0

Set biomes so players can teleport to them!

  1. ElliotPlayzMc
    Craftonia Team!
    The plugin is designed so instead of warps you can actually click stuff that will teleport you to set places. /Biome can be done with out any permissions but you have to be op to edit the plugin!

    How to edit the biomes!
    To add a biome you need to create a place where you want them to spawn and you do /setbiome (Name). Now what ever you are holding in your hand it will put into the guy and the quantity. For my server I use coloured glass panes. It adds a nice look. In the picture we only have 1 biome cause we are still setting it up but you can see how it looks. http://imgur.com/9qvgCmn

    To delete a biome all you got to do is /delbiome (Name), but be careful it is cap sensitive.

    How to install!
    All you got to do is drag and drop your plugin into the plugins folder restart the server. No vault or anything is required!

    Future update features!
    In the future if people like this plugin i will work on adding:
    • A economy
    • A random teleport bit
    • Proper config where you can edit things in the gui
    • Permissions

    Thank you for reading and possible downloading this plugin. If you would like a good server host use my link down below, my promo-code can get you 20% off on first purchases. Good luck with your server and i hope you found my plugin useful!

    ~ ElliotPlayzMc


    Hosting: http://tinyurl.com/k53awkk
    Promo-code: ElliotPlayzMc
    Skype: ElliotPlayzMc
    Server ip: Mc.Craftonia.Eu