BioSpheres 1.1.0

A unique world, full of biome spheres!

  1. megamichiel
    Give your players a unique type of survival!

    This plugin is a bukkit port for this mod. It was discontinued after MC 1.6 and it was only available as mod. Because it doesn't add anything new to the game, why not make it into a plugin? Not only have I simply ported it to bukkit, I have also added new biomes and generations. If you want to offer a special kind of survival, try this!

    Some screenshots:

    The current biomes include:
    • Plains
    • Desert
    • Savanna
    • Swamp
    • Forest
    • Birch Forest
    • Roofed Forest
    • Taiga
    • Ice Plains
    • Ice Plains Spikes
    • Mushroom Island
    • Mesa
    • Nether
    • The End
    If you want any biomes added, please place a reacton in the discussion.

    To make the game a bit more challenging, between the big spheres are also smaller 'orbs' which contain diamond, emerald and lapis ores (this is the only place where you can find them).

    To make a world use this generator, go into bukkit.yml and place this somewhere (if you haven't already):

    Code (Text):
      <the world name>:
        generator: Biospheres
    You can also customize the generation!
    Using the format Biospheres:<key>=<value>,<key2>=<value> you can specify options. The things you can currently customize:
    • sphere-distance: The distance in chunks between each biosphere
    • ore-size: The size (radius) of the ore orbs. Each orb's size differes a tiny bit from this value to give more of a natural look.
    • noise: Enable/disable noise (wavy terrain). Allowed values are 'true' and 'false' (without the quotes)
    • noise-scale: The scale of the noise. Default is 64. Set it to a lower value to increase waves and set it to a higher value to make the terrain more flat.
    • water-world: True or false. Makes all blocks around the biospheres water and the bridges tunnels of glass.
    • dome-type: The block ID of the dome (default is glass with ID 20)
    • tunnel-type: If water-world is set to true, the tunnel's glass is turned into this type
    • bridge-support: The ground block ID of the bridges. Default is wood (ID 5)
    • bridge-rail: When water-world is set to false or not specified, the side of the bridges have a 1 layer fence as protection. The default value is fence (ID 85)
    generator: Biospheres:sphere-distance=10,ore-size=5,noise-scale=32,water-world=true,dome-type=89,bridge-support=20
    This makes the distance between spheres in chunks 10, orb size vary around 5, the world full of water, the dome's glass into glowstone and the bottom of the bridges into glass.

    Any suggestions are always welcome!

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Recent Reviews

  1. brayderek
    Version: 1.1.0
    Está muy bueno en general, pero me gustaría que en los biomas se pudieran encontra estructuras (aldeas, templos...etc).
  2. ImFritz
    Version: 1.1.0
    I saw this plugin while I was casually scrolling through the Spigot website.
    Fantastic work, personally don't have any need of this plugin but it's amazing work and well coded. 10/10